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If you're a spiritual or holistic practitioner, we have a new Practitioner section that's just gone live which is prooving very popular with visitors as we promote it across social meida and printed media.


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New Articles Added

Sugilite Pendants
Sugilite The ‘Stone of Guidance’, hold’s a safe and balancing energy that is beneficial in the treatment of shock and also in helping to find a balance when sudden changes have taken place in life...

Shantilite is the name of a grey Agate from Madagascar. The name comes from the Sanskrit "shanti" meaning Divine peace.Shantilite's currents enter the body like a "whoosh" or wave of energy rushing th...

Boli-Stones - Also as Isis Calcite
Boli-Stones have a very concentrated energetic vibration. It is suggested that Boli-Stones have made themselves known to help us to us to broaden our perspective in this concluding time pattern and t...

Lepidolite Wands
Lepidolite is a light violet to pale pink colour with silvery flecks. It has Spiritual transcendence and promotes a cosmic awareness. It gives off a refreshing, almost sentimental energy which help...

Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show - 29th November to 5th December 2021 - Astrology, Tarot,
The week starts in sparkling fashion with the Sun and Mercury exactly aligned in a conjunction, known as a Cazimi. Located as they are in Sagittarius this can sharpen our perceptions and expand our th...

Astrology Overview for WC 29th November 2021
This week's Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse forges an obtuse angle to Uranus the planet of restlessness. This cautions us to not to be too free and easy with our resources, but change can feel as good...

Singing Hearts
Our singing heart: We have written about the expanded fields of all things... intellect, imagination, intuition, emotions, the fields of the earth sequences equinoxes and solstices... everything we a...

Rhodonite Pendants
Rhodonite promotes self confidence, refinement, gracefulness, courtesy, tact, alternatives and inner growth. Rhodonite helps with our intuition and to stimulate development of the metaphysical proces...

Re-alignment: Personal perspective: Speaking to our heart: WE have been off line for a while because we have had a problem with our heart... Our main engine is faulty [our heart], we needed w...

Life should be peaceful
Dear friends, This message is just to remind you that life should be simple. So many of your perceived problems and worries are coming from your state of mind. They are so often not real. They ...

The term orb is so widely used, it is impossible to narrow it down to a single phenomenon. I am concerned here with spheres of light. In this context, spheres connect to the ways in which consciousnes...

Astrology Overview for WC 22nd November 2021
The Sun & Mercury power into free spirited Sagittarius. This users in an exciting time, which will peak with the Total Solar Eclipse in the Archer in two weeks time. Any way we can open up our thinkin...

Clear, De-clutter, Cleans (CDC) and Rejuvenate
The five kingdoms of living things found on the earth together with all other life forms within the universe materialise from the vibrating energy of cosmic consciousness. Therefore, you are an intell...

The Relevance of The Maid, The Mother and The Crone in Today’s World
A Celtic aeon, the triple goddess is an ancient divine, trifold being containing three separate goddesses, the face of the Maid, the Mother, and the Crone. Each one of the three goddesses represents a...

Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show - 22nd November to 28th November 2021- Astrology, Tarot,
Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 22nd November to 28th November 2021 | Astrology, Tarot, Drum roll folks, as the Sun AND Mercury power into the fire sign of Sagittarius. This pushes us to ad...

Year 2022 Solar Return World Forecast plus FREE Zodiac Forecasts
Year 2022 Solar Return World Forecast + FREE Zodiac Forecasts...

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse - 4th December 2021 plus FREE Zodiac Forecasts
Sagittarius Solar Eclipse - 4th December 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts...

Taurus Lunar Eclipse - 19th November 2021 plus FREE Zodiac Forecasts
Taurus Lunar Eclipse - 19th November 2021 + FREE Zodiac Forecasts...

Pink Amethyst
Pink Amethyst These examples come from the Colli Cura Mine, Pehuenches, Neuquen in Argentina. The Amethyst has become pink as a result of inclusions of Hematite within the crystalline structure....

Heart space
Dear friends, Blessings be upon you. We ask that you take a few moments to sit with yourselves. Perhaps you could spare a few moments to really find your inner peace. To drop into your inner hea...

I Do Not Understand.....
I DO NOT UNDERSTAND…… A phrase found frequently on my lips these days is “I do not understand” the words being caused by news items on the TV or in newspapers. I do not understand why someone bo...

Astrology Overview for WC 15th November 2021
This week's Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, asks us to think carefully about how we approach possessions, values and everyday monies. There is the chance to transform our approach with Pluto, the planet of e...

Tsesit Stone
Tsesit Stone is from the Namibian Desert in the south of Namibia. The name of the stone comes from Tses, a village in the Karas Region in Namibia where it was found. This is an area settled by ...

Featured Events Coming Soon

Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors
Saturday,03 Apr 2021 10:00 AM (-244 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Please watch my video for further details An inspirational 12-month programme to prepare you to become a highly skilled professional healer and mentor ready to serve humanity during this time of rapid awakening. Positive mental and emotional health will become a major priority from 2021. With so ...

Contact: Gabrielle Rafello 07913724183


Hypnosis Training Course
Wednesday,01 Dec 2021 9:00 AM (-2 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

The Foundation Level Hypnosis course offered by Cara – the Centre of Transformation and Empowerment has been Assessed and Accredited at Foundation Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Successful graduates are eligible for registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Affiliate Status. This Hypnos...

Contact: Doug Buckingham +447979750291


Quantum Hypnotherapy Training
Friday,03 Dec 2021 1:00 PM (0 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Live Online Quantum Hypnotherapy Training (4 Days) Are you a healer, therapist, coach, psychic, counsellor, psychologist, social worker, or clinical hypnotherapist looking to train in Past Life Regression? This live online Quantum Hypnotherapy training includes training in; Past Life Regression, Lives Between Lives, Futur...

Contact: kimberley Lovell 07412618861


Bicester Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Show
Saturday,04 Dec 2021 11:00 AM (0 Days to go)

Ex-Services & Social Club, Sheep Street, Bicester, UK,OX26 6JW

INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS Please book your space here: --------------------------------------------- INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC * Over twenty fantastic exhibitors: one on one readings, holistic therapists, retailers selling crystals, jewellery, arts an...

Contact: julie fenn


Leighton Buzzard Christmas Psychic & Wellbeing Fair
Sunday,05 Dec 2021 11:00 AM (1 Days to go)

Leighton Buzzard Cricket Club, Bell Close, Lake Street, Leighton Buzzard LU7 1RX,LU7 4SB

Back in Leighton Buzzard for our Christmas Psychic & Wellbeing Fair Now extended to two halls on the same site - Leighton Buzzard Football Club and LB cricket and tennis club. Entrance opposite Morrison's garage At this show you'll find * Around thirty exhibitors specialising in one to one readings, healing and holist...

Contact: julie fenn


Crystal Healing Workshop
Saturday,11 Dec 2021 10:00 AM (7 Days to go)

The Lee, Great Missenden HP16 9LZ, United Kingdom,HP16 9LZ

This crystal healing workshop has been specifically designed to help you to understand and integrate the basics about Crystals and how to work with them. Whether you are a complete novice, know a little about crystals or have worked with them for a while, this crystal healing workshop offers you opportunities to expand your knowl...

Contact: Doug Buckingham +447979750291


Abingdon Mind Body Spirit Christmas Show
Saturday,11 Dec 2021 11:00 AM (7 Days to go)

The Guild Hall, Abbey Close, Abingdon, UK,OX14 3HG

Deer Spirit's very first show in Abingdon is a Christmas Show. In the Guildhall in Abingdon town centre The show features * Over twenty fantastic exhibitors: one on one readings, holistic therapists, retailers selling crystals, jewellery, arts and crafts, other spiritual and holistic goods * Refr...

Contact: julie fenn


Crystal Open Morning
Sunday,12 Dec 2021 10:00 AM (8 Days to go)

The Lee, Great Missenden HP16 9LZ, United Kingdom,HP16 9LZ

A vast array of crystals for sale, good company and uinformative conversation, beautiful location - what more could you want ? Although it's an open morning, booking is essential so please email and let me know you are coming on [email protected] I send you directions to find me ocne you have emailed :-) Some bar...

Contact: Doug Buckingham +447979750291


Wishing Workshop with Hay House author, Karen Kay
Sunday,12 Dec 2021 7:00 PM (9 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Join Fairy Whisperer, Karen Kay LIVE on Sunday 12th of December 2021 on Zoom (£27) for a magical Wishing Workshop where she will show you techniques to ground your wishes to manifest them for the highest good of all. You will need to bring: an open mind and heart! IMPORTANT! This workshop may contain giggles and magic! ...

Contact: Karen Kay


Online Workshop: Create Your Ideal Year With The LAW OF ATTRACTION
Saturday,08 Jan 2022 10:00 AM (35 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

This workshop will offer insight, the opportunity to awaken to new possibilities and help you learn how to use the power of thought to create your best year so far. Tracy shares what she has learnt and pioneered through facilitating hundreds of events across the UK, US and Asia over the fifteen years, about what ...

Contact: Tracy Friend


Saturday,05 Feb 2022 10:00 AM (63 Days to go)

169, Wellington Road SouthAttended Car Park Brentnall Street ( Behind The Guildhall ),SK1 3UA

Stockport Masonic Guildhall - Weekend Mind Body Spirit Event This is an excellent two-day MBS event, bringing to you the best in many aspects of mind-body and spirit. Designed to fully mesh with this genre, a great vibration, cultivated over a period of years bringing together like-minded people where you can feel at one, be a...

Contact: Rosemary Douglas 07828 187 468


The Energies Of Tarot Cards
Saturday,26 Feb 2022 10:00 AM (84 Days to go)

Winchester, Hampshire UK,

A unique workshop where Paul will reveal how we can work with the energies of the Tarot cards in proactive ways and not just with readings. Paul will show how we can take the energies of the cards and use them in powerful ways, which cards are best and how this approach can be linked to other new age subjects like...

Contact: paul mccarthy


Sacred City Tour - Winchester City of Light
Saturday,19 Mar 2022 11:00 AM (105 Days to go)

Winchester SO23 8TJ,SO23 8TJ

A unique walking tour of the Ley Lines, Energy Portals, Labyrinth, History, Arthurian Legends, Elf Portals, Norse Mythology of Yggdrasil Tree of Life and the capital and guardians of Albion. Plus time to enjoy lunch and coffee break. The tour will take place in the city of Winchester in Hampshire UK and at the near...

Contact: paul mccarthy


Saturday,07 May 2022 9:00 AM (154 Days to go)

Ipswich Street, Stowmarket IP14 1BB, UK,IP14 1BB

LIVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE The world is changing again – and the truth is, it’s never going “back” to normal. If we cannot change it we can adapt. We can reclaim our own power to create an extraordinary life. A life full of inspiring thoughts, beautiful feelings, quality goals, amazing dreams, a healthy body and positive me...

Contact: Stefan 00447438554007