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A First-hand Regression Report
Date: Mon,11 May 2009

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Lots of readers of were asking George Ure for more details about past life regressions, so he prevailed on a friend who underwent one to write up a detailed report on his experience. Here’s the report…long but worth the time, I think…

“I just did what a relatively small minority of people ever decide to do: have a qualified psychotherapist lead me through a ‘past life regression’.

A past life regression is generally done by a professional with extensive experience in personal counseling and a thorough understanding of personality profiling, general history and reincarnation. The professional does extensive preparation by interviewing you, puts you in a receptive state and then gently ‘backs’ you into lives that you lived before this incarnation for the purpose of finding the experience-based reasons for the quirks, phobias, recurring problems and even recurring relationships you are having in this one. It is well established by those who study reincarnation that whole groups of people tend to ‘travel together’ through successive lifetimes. Your mate in one lifetime may have been a parent in another. A friend in one lifetime very likely has been your friend or family member in many.

A key principal in reincarnation is that traumas experienced in one life can and often are carried forward into succeeding lives. It’s as if the trauma is imprinted onto our etheric being like a dent on the body of a car, and shows up in each lifetime we enter into until we have the will/fortitude/understanding/guidance to fully assimilate and integrate it

More people are interested in this than ever before in history, for a variety of reasons, but I’ll start with my own.

THE BACKGROUND…what lead me to do this?

I’ve been a student of the paranormal for most of my life. I’m adventurous by nature and have always had a keen interest in the mysterious, exotic and extraordinary, possibly because I’ve had so very many extraordinary personal experiences that defied conventional explanation. A number of incidents in which I miraculously avoided death in spectacular ways prodded me into becoming a true ’seeker of wisdom’ from an early age.

In an attempt to understand and come to terms with a quite challenging early childhood, I studied with determination traditional avenues of philosophy and religion. When those failed to satisfy my questions, I went on to study the whole range of more fringe-associated subjects, encouraged by some of my more granola-munching, tin-foil hat wearing 70’s associates. I by no means swallowed all or even any of it whole cloth, but rather tucked all the information in my personal ‘Funk and Wagnel’s’ for careful observation and comparison to ‘real’ life as I moved through it.

A lot of trial and experimentation and plenty of error later, I was able to validate using direct personal experience a number of the occult sciences like astrology and numerology. I learned that when taken seriously and carefully prepared, guidance from these disciplines really can do a good job of providing personal road maps to our lives. It was a great source of comfort that we can get ‘owner’s manuals’ for our frail human vehicles and a little help from our metaphysical friends in learning how to deal more productively with those who were a little different from us, or even so different from us we wished them a swift and uncomfortable demise.

After some years of study along these lines, you can’t help but stumble headlong into the concepts of eternal soul, higher selves, karma, life after death, and of course, reincarnation. If you’ve absorbed and accepted these concepts as real (until proven otherwise), then your focus shifts onto elevating and refining your spirit in order to lead an ever more successful and creative, less painful and strife-filled life. And what typically happens next is you grow frustrated when you appear to keep falling into the same personal traps: unsuccessful relationships with the same personality types, repeatedly making the same mistakes, falling into despair because you just keep making the same choices that lead to the same old unhappy consequences. More dedicated study ensues.

I’m a peculiar mix of fanciful dreamer and pragmatic skeptic. I want to believe, but I also want sticks-and-stones ‘proof’. I’ll try anything once in the quest to squeeze an ounce of real knowledge out of the experience. I knelt at the feet of Swami Muktananda, ‘got it’ in est seminars from Werner Erhart, attended zen ashrams and dined with Sufis. I took classes from a Hawaiian Kahuna and did sweats with an Apache Shaman. After all this, my favorite gurus are the likes of Bucky Fuller, Greg Braden and Bruce Lipton.

I can honestly report that much of this effort did in fact clear up many issues I was repeatedly experiencing in my life. I became far more at ease, comfortable with myself and others, able to communicate, play and relax without drugs or alcohol or more subtle props.

So why did I now feel the need to try and peek into my former lives?

The short answer is, I was dealt a life problem none of my prior studies was able to address and clear up. After a lifetime of being health conscious, exercising regularly, eating right, etc. etc. and being well, healthy as a horse, never in the hospital and rarely in a doctors office, I was diagnosed with a mysterious, rare genetic disease that the medical establishment has deemed incurable. One that will lead to a very uncomfortable, earlier than normal death if left uncontested. This disorder, which is sourced in the liver but affects the lungs, creates breathlessness, chronic bronchitis and asthma, and leads to the gradual loss of ability to breathe. It was severely effecting my formerly highly active, physical life, and there was absolutely no help for it from any quarter in this lifetime.

Ten years of applying all my gathered holistic health knowledge and intense research into areas I’d not studied before, all my the spiritual instruction I’d gathered over the years and a fresh push into more, doing a tremendous amount of emotional work using all the best methods of the day did improve my condition somewhat, allowed me to let go of the more obnoxious drugs that had been prescribed to manage symptoms, but ultimately did not budge the reality of the disease. Could this be inexorable karma at work?

Several of my ’sensitive’ friends had remarked to me that they felt my condition had its roots in former lives. Having done a tremendous amount of work on unraveling the effects of traumas experienced in THIS life, I felt the only stones left unturned could be the ones in lifetimes past. I had no idea what an apropos term that was…

When some retired friends of mine told me they had both gone to have ‘life regressions’ and reported amazing experiences and the clearing up of some personal issues afterwards, I was skeptical but intrigued.

Months later, another friend revealed she had done the same and it had changed her life very much for the better. Now hooked, I asked for and received the contact information of the professional who had done this for her. I called her, was favorably impressed by her credentials, experience and warm intelligence, and made an appointment for the following week.

Synchronistically, I happened to hear two very interesting programs on Coast to Coast on this very subject. One was on a very scientific study the reality of reincarnation that had been undertaken over a period of years, the Reincarnation Experiment conducted by Paul Von Ward. He recently published a book of his findings, called ‘Soul Genome’. It was the first study of its type that we know of, and Mr. Ward, who started out a skeptic himself, had transformed into a true believer.


I arrived at my guide’s lovely, well appointed home early and she made me comfortable in an over-stuffed chair and ottoman. Her home was a marvel of refined beauty and serenity. She went over her own background again, which was quite extensive. A certified psychotherapist, hypnotist and counselor, she had spent a large part of her career as a corporate trainer before going back to school and getting her advanced degree in alternative therapies. She travels all over the U.S. and needs no advertising for a thriving private business.

The next two hours were spent interviewing me about my current life. She had used a computer to draw up my astrological chart to aid her own interview of me. She confirmed the details she saw in the chart with my answers to her questions, which were quite accurate to my history. I already knew a lot about my own astro-chart, but was impressed by the depth of her knowledge and interpretation of it.

She then asked for a complete description of the current health challenge and how it felt to me both physically and emotionally. She explained that, on a spiritual level (which I already knew intellectually from my own studies) that lung troubles were a symptom grief, probably unexpressed. And since the disorder’s source was actually the liver, that liver dysfunction meant I was overwhelmed by great ANGER. I received this information with a certain amount of weariness–the brunt of a lot anger directed at me over a lifetime from my family of origin, I’d read so many books on anger management and done so much training in interpersonal communications I could teach a college level course on the subject. So why should I now contract a disease over it?

Since it was my goal to find the roots of my current health challenge, her interview probed me for all incidents of ill health. Finding none of these, she then looked for incidents of high anxiety or acute emotional stress or trauma that can later manifest as disease. She explained to me that this was necessary, as these incidents provide ‘gateways or insertion points’ into the past life. She then warned me that many people were unable to get very far into the regression on the first try.

I chose a highly charged, pivotal experience in my life when I was about 18 years old. She had me describe it in detail, and kept asking me to try to relive my emotional state and physical sensations. As I told her the memory, I felt a great heaviness on my chest. She asked me to focus on this heaviness, to center my mind right in my chest. A moment of pure fear enveloped me and I gasped. She gently lead me to refocus on that point on my chest where there was the greatest pain/constriction/heaviness.

Then she asked me to ‘go backwards into a life previous to this one when you felt just LIKE this’….’on the count of 3 - 2 - 1, you are in this previous life where your chest felt just like this….what are you seeing?’

ME: “I see a field of freshly plowed, rich black dirt” ringed by grass and further out, trees.”

HER: “Look down at your feet: what are you wearing?”

ME: “I’m barefoot. My feet are dirty and half buried in the soft ground.” I have on a long, full cotton skirt with a small, flowery print on it and what looks like a dirty white apron on top of it”.

HER: “You seem to be female. How old are you?”

ME: “I don’t know–young, 14 maybe? I have small hands and thin, bony arms.”

HER: “What are you doing?”

ME: “I’m leaned up against a log fence, the kind they made in the 1800’s without nails. I can feel the log pressing up against my butt and shoulders.”

HER: “Can you see anyone else in the scene?”

ME: “No….wait, yes, there is a man plowing out in the field behind a team of horses. He’s struggling with a plowshare. He’s wearing a big floppy hat and is heavy-set.” (He fades in and out of the scene quickly, though).

HER: “What is to your right?”

ME: “Nothing…more fence, more field and woods beyond. Looks wild and uninhabited.”

HER: “Look to your left. Is anything there?”

ME: (I turn my gaze) “I see part of a log house.” I only see one end of it, It is rough and primitive.”

HER: “Is anyone in the house?”

ME: (Suddenly I am in the house). I see a small child on a rustic cot made of logs. She is laying on her stomach, looking at a book with pictures in it. She is dressed in overalls. I describe this to her.

HER: “Is this you?”

ME: “I don’t know…I seem to be floating above her”.

HER: “How old are you?”

ME: “I’m not sure, 8-10, maybe? I don’t have on the same costume as when I was out near the fence, but I have the same skinny arms and small hands. My hair is in pigtails.”

HER: “Is anyone else in the house?”

ME: “No…” All at once I seem to be looking from the girl’s perspective towards the door to the main room. It is ajar. I sense ‘him’ in the adjoining room rather than hear him. I feel a shiver of fear. I report this.

HER: “Is there a woman in the house as well?” (No). “Tell me more about this man.” (I had all at once pulled out of the scene and was only seeing grey behind my closed lids. She had me focus on my fear and feeling in my chest and go back).

ME: Suddenly I’m in the ‘main’ room, which is a combination living-dining-kitchen, sitting at a log table. Everything seems to be made of logs. My vision is that of someone peering through a hole in a dark paper. Only small bits of scene come into my field of vision. She asks me to describe my bodily sensations, and things jerk into greater clarity.

“I’m sitting on a log bench. The bench and the table I’m resting my arms on are smooth and cool, as if polished and varnished. I’m looking down at the table in front of me and can only see the edge of dishes and utensils. Suddenly, I hear arms slam down on the table in front and to the right of me, and hear dishes and utensils rattle with the impact. (she asks me what I’m feeling/thinking, and I tell her ‘nothing’, but when the man slammed his arms down that way, I flinch).

HER: “What’s the man doing now?”

ME: I look up slightly, just enough to see his arms and upper torso. He’s very heavy. He’s wearing cover-alls and a dirty white shirt underneath. His big belly is big and round and his arms are fleshy. I look up just enough to see a jowly chin. (I report this)

HER: “Now what is happening?”

ME: “He just swept the plates and utensils in front of him off of the table with his right arm in a fit of rage, but said nothing. I quickly looked back down at the empty spot on the table in front of me.

He swung his left arm and backhanded me so that I was knocked off the bench and fell against the wall that was behind me. I’ve landed with my feet still on the bench, but I’m crunched into the corner with my head cocked up against the wall.”

HER: “Are you bleeding?”

ME: “The back of my head feels moist, but I don’t feel any pain.”

HER: “What happens next?” (again the whole scene fades to grey, and she prompts me to focus on my bodily sensations).

ME: “He’s scooped me up, carries me to the cot I was on earlier and lays me on it. He sits heavily, almost falling on it, on the edge of the bed. I feel his weight coming down bouncing the bed under me.” Again, the scene goes grey.

HER: “Open your eyes. What do you see?”

ME: “I’m back outside. I’m hovering (a point of consciousness) above the young girl who is laying face up in loose, black dirt, still in her shirt and overalls. She’s partially submerged in the dirt.” Suddenly, I see two arms on either side of a fairly large, heavy stone slam the stone down on the young girl’s chest. I feel a crushing weight and and I physically jerk and let out a big gasp, trying to suck in air. I jerk my eyes open and look around. Pain welled up around my heart/chest area and I fought down an urge to cry.

She tried to get me to go back a couple of times, but this session was over. I could or would not go back.

We discussed the session for some time. She told me she had hoped to get me a little farther in this session and that she was aware that I was keeping a ‘leg in both worlds’ in this session…meaning I had remained fully conscious of this life while just peeking through the gauze at the other. She’d hoped to get me to go relive the other life more fully.

Naturally, my first question was, ‘was this really real?’ and, ‘how do we know I wasn’t just manufacturing the whole thing out of a desire to perform for her and come up with something plausible (and also so I wouldn’t feel like a big dufus for spending a lot of money doing this). I had to get reassurance/validation. I already knew I was a dreadful liar that got busted regularly by my parents and every authority thereafter on every lie I ever tried to tell so I just stopped trying. I feared I might have been vainly and not very convincingly coming up with an improvised lie, but I feared even more that I hadn’t, but couldn’t muster the courage to go the whole nine yards. My obvious question, which she intuited (or maybe just was an FAQ for her) ‘did you catch me lying?”

She told me she’d been highly trained for this and has had many, many clients. She was taught how to read body language and track eye movements. ‘You were really there, you just wouldn’t allow yourself to go deeper into the experience’.

She remarked that it sounded like a Civil War era life time. She told me that in an era when there was no contraception and life was very harsh, men and women would sometimes abandon or even kill children they couldn’t care for. She told me she had had clients who described lifetimes in which unwanted children were left in the woods to die of starvation or be eaten by wild animals. She said it sounded as if I had been in a situation where the mother had left or died and the husband was left to raise a child that was of little use to him and a burden to care for. We were both isolated, uneducated and had limited vocabulary. He had probably abused me to the point that I was mutely disassociated from my feelings. When I was injured, he may have thought he’d killed me already, or when I was knocked unconscious when I hit my head on the wall, he may have taken the opportunity to get rid of me.

She told me that my early life experiences had rendered me a very analytical person who tended to remain only lightly connected to my emotions, and that the emotions were the key to instituting healing of trauma. She said that when the emotional baggage gets ‘fully unpacked’, she is able to lead her clients into the ‘healing frequencies’. This is when old injuries can suddenly disappear and spontaneous remissions of serious diseases occur.

But we had just begun working on it together, and trust had to be established. She went on to share in general terms some other regressions.

She told me to expect to be exhausted and to sleep deeply that night, but to be sure to pay close attention to my dreams and start keeping a personal journal because bits and pieces of my former life/lives would start to leak out, now that I had opened the door, and clues to old mysteries would be revealed.

When I left her home I felt both deflated…and inexplicably lighter.


I wondered to myself if the loss of the mother and betrayal and murder at the hands of my father did not set the stage for a difficult relationship with the parents in the next life? I’d always heard you ‘get the life you expect’–could that mean that traumas like that tend to echo throughout time until, like ripples on a pond, they finally fade out?

I stopped on my way home to visit a friend, who strangely enough, had herself that very day gone to a therapist to try and get relief from her own near irrational fear of snakes. And this friend seemed to run into snakes more than is reasonably to be expected. She didn’t get a regression per se, but was lead back to experiences she may have buried in her memories about snakes. She said it helped a little she thought, but the person trying to help her with it wasn’t as well versed as the person I’d gone to see.

That night I got home and was genuinely exhausted. I woke once in the middle of the night but laid back down. In all I slept nearly 10 hours, which is unusual for me.

Every morning for as long as I can remember, the first thing I have to do is relieve my immediate shortness of breath by using my nebulizer.

This morning, I didn’t need to immediately use the nebulizer. I was breathing easier. I got up, made coffee, worked some and felt really calm all day.

Am I going back? I can’t say right now. My thoughts are, since all these traumas that are not completely dealt with WILL show up in your current life, no matter what life they originated in, you seem to be given chances over and over again, like the movie, ‘Ground Hog Day’, to respond to the experience in the best possible way for the good of yourself and all concerned. All you have to do is stay alert to when those key incidents roll around again.

But I can say absolutely that having a well educated, experienced guide along on your ride is very definitely an advantage that will get you through it faster and better. “
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