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Fear of redemption

Date: Sun,11 Mar 2012

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Fear of Redemption
I was born in the East End of London to parents who were both mediums. Spirit contact and strange phenomena is not new to me. I saw my spirit guide when I was just 7 years old; I remember it as if it was yesterday. I soon began to understand spirit and of their very different form of communication. I have had many visitations throughout my life and impressions would fill my mind of futuristic happenings and of past emotional impressions, embedded within the fabric of a property.

I did not study the belief nor did I attend schools of training, it all came very naturally growing up in such a household. My Mediumship abilities branched off into a specific style of working, as it does with most mediums. For me, this was to be as a paranormal investigator and profiler, dealing with spirit entities that were either trapped, in the in-between space, between the earth plane and heaven, or refusal to go into the light, for one reason or another. I call these spirits ‘Earth Walkers’. Strong emotions hold these spirits to the earth-plane and it is my ability to be able to communicate with the troubled souls of the earth walkers and to hopefully restore peace and harmony for both, the client and the spirit One could call myself a spiritual councillor.

I would be contacted by people who were experiencing strange phenomena, in one form or another and asked to help cleanse the property or person. Each case is unique in it patterns and this is where my ability as a psychic profiler is utilised. So many people experience a psychic phenomena or haunting and do not know where to turn or whom to contact for help and assistance
I have been involved with house clearances for almost 30 years and still find it extremely fascinating and rewarding work.

Currently I am being filmed for a six week web series entitled Haunted Personal Tales. As a fly on the wall documentary of how ordinary people, in ordinary houses have experienced a haunting of one form or another.

I hope by highlighting just one of my cases, of which there are numerous, will show what happens to very ordinary people and of how I work in helping them. Below is just one case that comes to mind.

I received a telephone enquiry from a lady called Jade. She had got my name from a previous cleansing case. She asked if I could assist in investigating some ghostly happenings, at her home in Hertfordshire.

She told me she had lived at this property for 14 months. She went on to say that she has been visited constantly by spirits, for as long as they have lived there. It started only a few weeks after moving in. Jade shares her home with her husband, a young daughter and son and two boisterous dogs. A very ordinary loving family, living in an ordinary 70’s style home on an estate location.

The clients had asked mediums to investigate in the past. A local priest was also asked to come and exorcise the house, which he did, but to no avail. They were informed from the mediums that 7 entities resided there with them and were not happy to share the dwelling.

I took up the case and accompanied with another medium, Philip and several students, who were studying mediumship, at one of the classes I run, thought it would be a good opportunity, for the advanced group to witness, see and feel for themselves, how lower energies operate and can on occasion, cause disharmony and disruption to the residents. This was all agreed by the client Jade.

An appointment was made for my visit. I prefer to work, not having any prior knowledge of the areas in the home that are being haunted, or of the full facts of whom it has targeted. A clear page as such and in that way, no previous stories are conflicting to me. Any messages or images that flood my mind are useful to my investigation. Names, dates and emotional sensations start to immediately flood my mind, prior to me even entering the location, or meeting with the client. I ask my guides in the first instance, if I will be helpful in investigating the case? I get my sign as a thumbs up, or down, a very simple process. Then sitting quietly with pen and paper I start to write, best described as doodling. These doodles come direct from my guides. The information received is significant to the case. They generally reveal whom it is I must concentrate on and why. Also what rooms are being affected and if there are any portals (spiritual doorways) open and if so, where they are placed within the location. Generally a name of a loved one of the client, who is in spirit, will be given and come forward validating their relationship to the client and assist me.

What was revealed in my doodling was that both the children were being targeted. it was physical in the fact they were being harmed and were somehow physically weakening. Jade confirmed this was indeed the case and that both her children had an impaired immune system and that Doctors could not find out why or what was the cause. Numerous tests had been carried out on them both, but to reveal nothing concrete. On one occasion whilst Jade was watching out of her kitchen window of her children, playing in the garden, she witnessed them both swoop up in the air, levitating a few feet off the ground then be slapped back down, face forward. This was when she contacted a spiritual group for help, and then the priest to exorcise the home. She had never encountered anything of this nature before and has never dabbled with it, in any manner. She was fearful for her children’s safety and physical well being.

As with any investigation I do, I prepare the night before, making sure all instruments are ready and charging, such as cameras, infrared video recorders and wav machines.
I asked my spirit guides to come in and work amongst us to assist in communicating with the troubled earth walker. To start up a form of communication, to identify with whom they are and what they want from the property, land or family. I asked that the father along with the children be removed from the house for the evening, whilst I was there, which was done. Jade had her sister stay with her for moral support and was witness to what transpired.

I needed to concentrate on both children’s rooms, but especially the daughter’s bedroom. A portal (spiritual doorway) was identified as the attic.
These portals are like a worm hole of energy, where a spirit can travel through into our dimension. These portals are very often associated with cold shafts and strong vibrations are often felt, once in, or near them. The attic entrance is in front of the daughter’s bedroom. The air was quite suffocating in her room and very different to the rest of the house. The client confirmed this room was the height of activity.

On arrival Jade explained that all hell hit out the night before. They were both woken up in the early hours of the morning, to a loud scratching sound, increasing in noise. The attic hatch door had flipped open at a force. The entity had jumped down through the attic in the hallway and shown himself to her and her husband. He was very solid and clear, they said. They keep a mobile beside the bed and captured an image of him reflected in the mirror. They went on to say the entity was angry and growled at them and then ran into their daughter’s room and showed himself to her.

It is often the way that prior to my visit, the earth walker will increase in activity, almost as an awareness of my arrival.

I had set up my machinery, but as on previous occasions, the video recorder failed as batteries were drained, even though they were charged the night before. The wav machine, I use is a digital sonic frequency recorder. It picks up on sonic waves, which is what animals hear and although we may not hear anything at the time of the recording, it pick’s up on a much higher frequency, which is how spirit voice EVP is recorded.

I am happy to say the voice or should I say scream or growl of the ‘earth walker’ was captured. He was very angry that we were able to identify him as a Reverend who had lived in the home some years back.

It was confirmed he was a priest who had formerly resided there. He told me that he wanted his book and letters, he was a very agitated. It was confirmed by the client that post does still occasionally come to the house and that a letter had arrived only 2 days prior, to my visit. She had it in her car, for re-posting. The post mark on the letter was from India. It was from other vicars and religious fractions from India, working on a children’s home.

The opening of the letter obviously sparked in him an anger so great the whole room actually blackened. Jade had felt quite dizzy and sick. The aroma in the room was vile to say the least. Bad drains would not suffice to identify the smell. The freezing cold atmosphere was felt by all. I asked out load for protection for us all and started to pray for the soul of the earth walker, this was when my right arm was feeling as though someone was giving me a Chinese burn, I felt pressure and pain and held it outstretched for the students to witness. Fingertip bruising could be easily witnessed appearing, like a hand grip around my arm. I continued with my prayer, even louder and had noticed Jade had gone completely white; her face had drained of all colour. I called her name to get her attention and her face had a glazed look on it. Dark circles surrounded both her eyes and she looked straight at me, but not focusing, I knew he was affecting her. I asked Philip to grab her as it was witnessed by all she was levitating off the ground about 2” at the same time as the back of her head was hitting the wall continuesly. She could not speak and had a fixed expression on her face. This was naturally frightening to witness for the first time by the students as well as her sister. I demanded the earth walker release her, which he did and that’s when he recorded his anger, of which can be heard on my website under audio on the forum.

He said, through me clairvoyantly, that he wanted his book. I relayed what I was hearing in my mind. Jade was recovering from this shock, but was not aware of what had just transpired. The earth walker, the reverend, wanted his book then he would be gone. I felt an anger rising in me, and knew it was my guides working through me as such. I stormed out of the daughter’s bedroom and into the son’s bedroom. Jades sister in hot pursuit. He pointed to the boys fitted wardrobe, to a top cupboard. Jade and her sister had said there were no books or anything in there, only her son’s action men and Lego bricks etc. He was quite insistent, so a chair was brought in to reach to open the top cupboard. he was talking so fast in my mind, he was getting very excited. Jade had said that no items were left in the house, prior to them moving in.

A very large white ornate bible had been found. It needed two hands to hold it. Exactly where he had told us to look. A book mark had been placed in the book, at a passage marked ‘come unto thee little children’. The book mark was a picture of their daughter’s latest school photo, taken a month previously. They had not seen that photo for some time and didn’t even know of the existence of the bible, in theirs sons bedroom.

Logic mind states that how can it be that a book so large was able to materialise in their sons cupboard, which had not previously been there prior to them moving in and that a school photograph of their daughter, finds itself being used as a book mark, highlighting a children’s passage? Why? and how?

The investigation continued and whilst I had asked Philip to read the passage, I tore the letter up in shreds and asked for the reverend to reveal why he was angry and why he refused to enter the light. His answer was shocking as he revealed he was frightened of redemption. He was guilty of wrong doings to children and knew he would need to have face his consequences. He had been hiding behind the security and camouflage of his dog collar for many years allowing him safe passage for his addiction. He knew this was wrong and that judgment day was beckoning, he preferred to say in the grey matter, the in between realms rather then to face his sins.

I asked the higher realms to collect and receive him, for him to start his journey for forgiveness and to move on and leave this family in peace.

A healing prayer was given to Jade and her family and I had blessed the home. Immediately the smell had gone, the room had warmed and all felt quite and peaceful.

I had burnt the bible back at my home page by page and said a prayer of forgiveness for him, as I did so. I instructed jade on further protective measures and mind energy techniques.

An update from the clients is that they have not experienced any paranormal activity since and that they are all sleeping through the night and that both her son and daughter are discharged from hospital and getting well again.

Please contact me if you are experiencing a haunting, maybe I can help.

Written by Medium Gail Peacock
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