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Introduction to Spiritual Rescue Work

By:Frances O'Morna
Date: Thu,24 Jun 2010

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Introduction to Rescue Work

Communication between man and the spirits of those who have passed over, is a natural phenomenon which has always existed. The physical body is the temporary housing for the spirit during its brief span on earth. After shedding the body, the spirit returns to the spiritual realms, taking with it the characteristics acquired in this world.

The spirits of those who have led good lives will congregate and continue to live in harmony and service. Equally, those who have failed to listen to the dictates of their conscience, an infallible guide to right and wrong action, will find themselves in a spiritual realm inhabited by those of a similar calibre. In every case, the choice of realm is determined by the type of life lived in the physical body.

For ease of reference, the harmonious spiritual realms are called the “upper realms” and those inhabited by un-evolved, unhappy souls, the “lower realms.”

Thus unlike the world in which we live, good and evil are segregated, with the exception of the middle astral plane, entered when the soul passes over, a “half-way house” common to both the upper and lower realms. Here a soul will stay for a period during which he will gradually feel the pull of the realm for which he has already prepared himself and to which he will ultimately gravitate. The middle astral also shelters souls who do not realise that they have passed over, imagining themselves still to be in the circumstances of their earthly life.

Spiritual work offers many avenues to those who desire to serve and to gain and spread knowledge. One such avenue is spiritual rescue work. This service is comparable to the physical rescue work done by worldwide organisations whose trained members bring help to victims of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, famines and the aftermath of war. To speak of “spiritual disaster” may tax the credulity of those who are new to the subject, yet it is applicable to the vast numbers of souls who pass over in a spiritually diseased condition and who enter realms where degradation and despair are prevalent.

The work of a rescue circle is concerned with the elevation of such souls to the realms of love and harmony by showing them the way to overcome the dis-ease of the spirit. This is achieved by the force of kind thoughts flowing from the sitters and expressed in words of understanding for the soul's dilemma. He is led gently to the stage where he will realise that, despite his misdeeds, his spiritual future is bright provided he is truly repentant and will forgive himself for the mistakes he made in his earthly life. At this point he is enabled to go forward to the upper astral realm where willing helpers will ensure his full recovery.

Involvement with lower souls involves some hazards, therefore a rescue circle requires a very strong spiritual protection. It is within each individual's power to enhance this protection by strict conformation to the harmony and discipline of the circle. Since kind thoughts and compassion are the basis upon which the work is conducted, it will be evident that members must fulfil these requirements to the best of their ability, not only in the circle but in their daily lives.

Every human being is open to influences from the spiritual realms. When love and kind thoughts are evinced, souls from the upper realms will be attracted to such an individual and will help increase these qualities. In contrast, the negative aspects of hostility, selfishness, material greed or any of the less desirable attributes, will invite the attention of unhappy entities from the lower realms who will seek to promote further degeneration.

It is therefore important that rescue work is not taken lightly. Preliminary training consists of lectures, discussions, observation of and participation in rescues. It is a period during which candidates have an opportunity to assess whether they are drawn to the work, and the members who conduct the training are able to ascertain the suitability of the candidates. Before full membership is attained, one of the circle's guides will assess the spiritual condition of candidates in order to see that all is well.

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Frances O'Morna said:

My apologies for not replying sooner.

I have been contacted by several people about rescue work in the SE of England. Unfortunately I no longer know of a good rescue circle to which I could confidently send people. I work in the North of Ireland and we are actively looking for new people but if I find a group around London I will post the information here and on the Galilee Group page.

You can contact me at [email protected]
Fri,10 Sep 2010,14:20:54 GMT

Charles said:

This type of spiritual work sounds very important and special. Could you send me any information on any groups/persons who could/does teach this form of healing that I could attend their classes or workshops.
Kind regards Charles.
Wed,21 Jul 2010,23:43:45 GMT

Ray Horn said:

Today I met a very dear friend who prompted me to reflect once again that I have always been drawn to the work of spirit rescue and to help those on both sides of the veil.

I live in SE Kent and my question is simple. How and where can I learn ?

Best regards,

Wed,21 Jul 2010,10:48:31 GMT

Ann Dickson said:

Thanks Frances
Wed,07 Jul 2010,00:01:32 GMT

Frances O'Morna said:

To Anne Dickson

Do stay in touch. You can contact me at [email protected] or through the Galilee Group on this website.

Mon,05 Jul 2010,12:04:00 GMT

Ann Dickson said:

Hi Francis,

Thank you for the information you just posted its been very helpful, its broadened my understanding a little bit more, its a subject not everyone wants to deal with so I will keep in touch if you dont mind and ask your advice before I make any decisions.

Thanks and Blessings
Wed,30 Jun 2010,17:22:30 GMT

Frances O'Morna said:

For Mary (Global) who said:
“I have never heard of this kind of work done from the earth plane. And WHY? I had previously assumed that others who are not in body work with angels once the soul is discarnate again.. for any of this type of work.

So is this soul work primarily done for discarnates or while people are on the earth plane??? And how will the soul that is troubled with guilt and darkness say "yes" to intervention??”

Answes for your questions by Frances O'Morna, The Galilee Group

“Upper” souls on the other side can only work with souls who are not very far down and even with those they have to be specially trained so that they can withstand “lower” vibrations.

You must understand that dis-incarnate souls, unlike us, do not have a body and therefore can be quickly infected by the vibrations of a lower soul. Our physical bodies, our suitcase, act as a protection and give us the opportunity to throw off lower vibrations which we pick up in our everyday lives. Souls on the other side do not have this luxury. They can be severely infected and can even be pulled down to the level of the soul they were initially trying to help.

Therefore rescue work from this side is of very great value. We can with training and practice rescue even very desecrated souls. It takes considerable strength and dedication but we quickly regain our strength. However, it is hazardous work and must only be undertaken under the auspices of an experienced “Spiritual Guide.”

2nd question. Is this only down for those who have passed over?
Yes. People on this side have many ways of helping themselves spiritually and they have the freedom of choice to act according to their conscience or not.

Fallen souls cannot help themselves or it takes a long time for them to gradually gravitate upwards. In the meantime they are infecting their families and friends, as well as the physical surrounding of their former lives, with unwelcome lower vibrations. These vibrations can cause the living considerable distress often with feeling of depression and sadness. Once the soul is elevated these feelings, suffered by the living, disappear.

The work is carried out in a special circle. A trained medium, capable of holding a lower soul, allows the soul to speak, while sitters send strong kind thoughts, helping gradually to elevate the soul. Please note that all sitters must be initially in good spiritual condition and in our circle all members are examined by a Spiritual Guide before working. Without this discipline, both the medium and the sitters can be severely infected and could end up pulling the soul further down, thus leaving the poor soul in even worse conditions. Discipline in this area is paramount.

Secondly, rescue work helps to free the Earth from the effects of the lower realms. All human being are affected by souls from the other side. Upper souls help Man's spiritual evolution. Lower souls try to bring about degradation in humans. Is it not then obvious that Rescue work is of major benefit to mankind?

Frances O'Morna, “The Galilee Group”.
Wed,30 Jun 2010,13:42:17 GMT

Frances O'Morna said:

To Anne Dickson in Surrey.

Anne, thanks for your comments on the article. Be careful on choosing a group. It's a pity you're not in Northern Ireland and you could come to us. Keep in touch with me through the Galilee Group (see Groups) and let me know how you are getting on. I might be able to advise you.

love and kind thoughts,
Frances O'Morna, The Galilee Group
Wed,30 Jun 2010,13:33:38 GMT

Ann Dickson said:

I liked this very much, rescue work is something I am very interested in and the information here has helped me to decide to now push forward and find a group to which I can join. Thank you and blessings
Sun,27 Jun 2010,16:08:39 GMT

Mary said:

I have never heard of this kind of work done from the earth plane. And WHY? I had previously assumed that others who are not in body work with angels once the soul is discarnate again.. for any of this type of work.

So is this soul work primarily done for discarnates or while people are on the earth plane??? And how will the soul that is troubled with guilt and darkness say "yes" to intervention??
Sun,27 Jun 2010,14:14:46 GMT
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