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Autism - Bridge Between Two Worlds

By:Mary Ann Harrington
Date: Fri,12 Oct 2007
Submitter:Mary Ann Harrington

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Where does one begin when such awesome expectancy rings in the air? It is time to step forth and meet our makers of a reality that is imposed on us from outside our selves — a needless order that confuses us, for it is ever fluctuating. It is a chaotic rhythm that is difficult to ride. To survive its chaos, we adhere to the energy of those who allow us. It is easier to come along for the ride than for us to drive. So we join, so to speak, to access what you refer to as reality. It is helpful and it is kind to accommodate us in this manner. For without this entrainment, many of us would remain lost.

It is important to state that we are pure souls. We understand all things, yet we are unable to lower our vibration to a level to communicate them. If we do integrate to that level, we may lose much of our power. There is much to be taught before total integration occurs. For some us, it might. While in transit, much can be learned by meeting individuals who vibrate higher than normal and who will elevate their own energy to match ours. We are willing to lower ours somewhat if a bond is there. Once the bond is formed, the the more integrated party continues to lower his frequency — as we come along for the ride.

What we would like to share is that we already know many things. Since we are not fully integrated into our bodies, we are in a unique position of being more in touch with our subconscious minds, or our spiritual selves. Our ability to access a never-ending stream of consciousness lacks the organization to explain itself in the context of a physical body; that creates difficulty. To assist us in grounding, make sure that being in our bodies is a pleasant experience. Remove painful stimuli, much of which is artificial. Long nature walks help us stay present, for it is less painful to be among God's creation than men’s. We receive information from nature that centers, guides and attunes us to the rhythm of the earth. When we resonate with that frequency, we are more apt to perceive what it is like to live in the physical body. Other forms of entrainment, that help us attune to the earth's vibration are music, nature sounds such as ocean waves, and adhering to the strong rhythm of those who assist us.

What would you like people to do?

We would like parents, teacher, caregivers and doctors to stop trying to compare us to themselves. Coming from a higher vibration where communication is instantaneous is our reality. To expect us to conform to the norm of your reality limits both you and us.

Can you further define this sub-type of autism?

This type of Autism is a dysfunction or function whereby lack of integration allows our souls a vantage point dissimilar to those who have fully integrated. Being more attuned with our subconscious or spiritual self leaves our bodies unsure of how to direct themselves in the physical world. As if in a dream state, we have difficulty grasping, controlling, or categorizing thought, but the knowledge itself is vast — covering innate universal truths lost by the more integrated individual. Respect us and learn from us, yet know that our survival and happiness demands a level of grounding. Acknowledge this as you acknowledge us. Realize that you can reach our truth as we reach yours. Both are better off in the transfer.

How do you connect with me?

As a teacher of untrained thought, you unconsciously use a form of entrainment that encompasses our reality by allowing our souls to join as one, regulating the transmission of commingled thought, bereft of time and space yet clear and fluid.

Do you want the world to know your gifts?

Yes, it is important that people understand the phenomenal gifts that union at a subconscious level has on group and individual thought. Insist upon the importance of the spiritual understanding. Ever present in all of us is divine knowledge, a shared understanding of creation and wholeness. In this domain, we feel centered, calm, at peace. It is a feeling of coming home where everything is tended, a Garden of Eden with all nature’s principles in balance for ultimate survival.

What is my role?

You are a navigator. Encourage other seekers to explore all possibilities. Parallel truths abound. We receive your thoughts but you in return receive ours. We are no longer individual egos but a mass consciousness. You are a useful tool for expression of group thought.

How much of my personal experiences should I share with others?

Thinking outside the box can be a lonely place to be. If you want us to move forward, speak your truth without apology. For it is in that truth that the consciousness of other seekers will expand. People are continuing to “open.” Your truth will resonate only with those who have had a shared experience on some level. Reality is based on perceptions, past knowledge, intuition, and experience. When you allow yourself to remain open, however, perceptions continue to shift and change.

What should I be doing now?

The universe is unfolding as it should. Knowledge left unspoken is wasted. Remain in awe of what you receive. Much of your work is in the process of refinement. It does not explore the depths of the phenomena you are anxious to expose. To write of things experienced yet not fully understood requires discipline. Your focus needs to be unfettered by the views of others. What needs to happen is a mass consciousness shift where those who have been blessed by the process form congruent opinions. You must be careful that sharing information at this time does not serve as a basis for misinterpretation. You have experienced much of the process but have not developed to the point where your transmission is devoid of personal bias. When the time is right, a stream of consciousness will spill forth that will enable the progression that you seek.

What should I be aware of?

Your ability to discern what is not part of the process has allowed you a vantage point. People are evolving and information is elevating; yet, you must make sure that rushing the process does not lose all. Amplification of consciousness of those chosen demands discipline and consistent meditation. Each messenger needs to grow independently without outside influence. Many are being worked with at this time. You are but one cog in the wheel. Yet the individual cogs are not yet strong enough to keep the wheel in motion. We are very leery of being transported by a wheel that we cannot trust to support us. Mistakes can cause injury.

Any suggestion?

Evolution is not a process that brings all mankind along for the ride. You need to separate your ego from the process. Humility is mandatory. Joining with other recipients in-group meditation — especially when individuals with autism are present or in your thoughts–will accelerate what you know. This is an experiential process that you are involved in. To know is to experience. As your experiences continue to evolve, so will your honest reflection of those experiences, which in turn will determine how you are to proceed.

What type of journey am I currently on?

You are about to engage on a journey where blockages are removed. What you create will unfold in rapid succession. You are at the forefront of an ideation of untrained thoughts in cohesion with the almighty. Being at a loss for words actually brings one closer to innate knowledge. Observe where you have been and where you are currently going. Nothing is what it seems, and yet, the search for union flows through all your actions. Man’s greatest loneliness is caused by his inability to let go of his ego and trust in the process of wholeness. In that state of blending, loneliness ceases to exist; it is replaced with love of all things as an integral part of self. This reunion of self with soul resonates as communion with all things. We are one entangled, interrelated, spiritual essence that manifests itself with unique ego- based characteristics for the purpose of experience.

What do you want me to do?

It is important to just listen for a while. Trust that the truths you are receiving are to benefit mankind. You must be willing and able to move forward at a pace that is comfortable for our combined energies. You cannot force the issue. We are ready to fill your vessel, so to speak, but in order to do so the spout needs to remain open. When the spout is blocked, the information pouring forth becomes stagnant. You must continually empty the vessel and start anew.

Explain what you mean when you say I am a vessel.

We mean that like many others, you are part of the exchange. You empty the vessel by sharing with others what we have in turn given you. If it resonates with them, it will fill their vessels. Everyone needs to keep emptying their vessels by pouring out its contents to make room for more in order to advance our journey of ever unfolding consciousness.

I have served as a teacher of individuals with autism for 18 years. What they have taught me was to be sure of nothing, and open myself to the extraordinary. It has been and continues to be a remarkable ride. Much of the dialogue may be referred to as my opinion, rational channeling and/or intuitive narrative depending on your perceptual belief system.

Mary Ann Harrington.
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Mary Ann said:

It has been some time. As a fellow traveler, I was curious as to how your work was going with your son. Hope all is well!

Mary Ann
Tue,05 Mar 2013,16:57:47 GMT

May Ann Harrington said:

Thanks! You too!

Mary Ann
Mon,05 Jul 2010,16:34:20 GMT

Christopher said:

Hi Mary Ann!!

Thanks a lot for the poem...
Yes, supposedly we have some agreement that he will help me on the way to 2012....
I will keep you posted. Hope you have a pleasant summer.


Mon,05 Jul 2010,13:30:00 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Hi Christopher,

Little poem on the process of raising your vibration and joining consciousness. I have a feeling your son will accelerate your readiness for 2012 and what that might entail.

A meeting of minds

A blending of souls

Intertwining free flowing thought

Exchanging ideas as precious gifts,

One to the other hoping to uplift,

Never judging,always accepting,

An engagement of spirit, lovely and free,

Encouraging union for humanity.

Keep me posted!
Sat,03 Jul 2010,05:55:11 GMT

Christopher said:

Hi Mary Ann,

Yes I agree that it is about acceptance and love...

Sorry for the wordmixes.. His greater self, soul, which is not present, not grounded, will ground itself more if the physical conditions are better, that is what you are saying right?? And I do agree of course. I feel that I also have to raise my "vibrations" to connect with his greater self, soul, and I am working with that. With the coming of 2012 much will change as you and I..

Blessings for your advice, I will let you know if I make progress either connecting to his soul or find him a bit more grounded here with us..

Thu,01 Jul 2010,11:34:07 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Hi Chrisopher,

We are using different words for the same concepts. The more comfortable and more pleasurable his physical experiences are, the more apt he is to ground himself. Along with the suggestions, I forgot to mention sensory irritants,
overload, or under stimulation. Also food allergies and general health issues can keep him from staying present.

It is all about love, acceptance and gratitude.
Blessings on your journey,
Mary Ann
Thu,01 Jul 2010,08:06:25 GMT

Christopher said:

Hi Mary Ann!!

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Maybe I should explain that I see it thru the teachings of "Huna", low, middle and higher self. We are normally two souls in the same body. I hope I will be a bridge to him as much as he will be a bridge for me. With that I mean I hope that he will ground his energies in the body more and more, and for that I believe you are talking about his soullevel, right? And that should be telepathic.
I will work with; nature walks, rhythmic pressure, massage joint compressions, reflexology, metamorphic technique, binaural beats, tapping alternate sides of his body, holding him close and rocking.
You do have a lot of experience.. thank you Mary Ann..


Tue,29 Jun 2010,08:42:19 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Hi Christopher,

I believe that your recognition that you can communicate with him at a subconscious level puts you ahead of most. I would suggest that you continue to use your intuition and proceed accordingly.

One thing I might do is talk to him at a soul level, tell him that you know of his competence and are willing to serve as his bridge to better understand our communication system and thank him for serving as your bridge to help you better experience union at a subconscious level. He may not become proficient in our world no more than you will in his but remain grateful that you will both be better off in this open hearted shared communication.

To help him reach what you refer to his middle self, i would stay present during your interactions and keep your mind on the tasks at hand. I would provide activities that encourage him to be more comfortable in his body-nature walks, rhythmic pressure, massage joint compressions, reflexology, metamorphic technique, binaural beats, tapping alternate sides of his body, holding him close and rocking him etc. You can see demonstrations of many of these techniques on Utube.

I hope this is of some help. Just realize that your child will be your best teacher-watch, listen, and intuit.

Blessings to you and your magnificent evolving child.

Mary Ann
Tue,29 Jun 2010,03:14:29 GMT

Christopher said:

This article resonates with me. I have a son who will be 3 years soon and is "autistic". As for now I have only contact with his "animalconsciousness - subconscious" and I am making the effort to contact his middle self via thinking. Any suggestions..


Tue,15 Jun 2010,10:40:08 GMT
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