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Autism - Entangled Energy - Sending, Joining, and Receiving Thoughts Thru Non-Sensory Channels

By:Mary Ann Harrington
Date: Sat,20 Jun 2009
Submitter:Mary Ann Harrington

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I had the privilege of teaching individuals with autism for many years. During that time, I have had to transform my ever-evolving belief system because my past perceptions no longer fit the parameters of my ever-changing reality. These remarkable children taught me to expect the unexpected, broadened my concept of the universe and dramatically changed my perception of what I had thought was reality. In its wake, I learned to be sure of nothing.

I struggled to remain open-minded so that I could continue to broaden my horizons of understanding and become unencumbered by outdated beliefs. I tried to create new thought patterns based on limitless possibilities. I began to act and react to situations that were brought to my attention with that awareness.

To send, to join, and to receive are the three key terms I have chosen to describe the process. Teaching can be equated with “thought sending” of mental prompts. Joining is a meditative dance where I work in communion with the individual. I am holding the keyboard, sitting in close proximity, or offering some facilitated support. Since they are so sensitive to my thoughts It is difficult to tell what is coming from the consciousness of the person who is doing the typing, what is coming from my memory bank, or what is coming from a universal field. Receiving is an intuitive narrative that I choose when my autistic partners are not physically present. I scribe answers to questions as if I am hearing the advice of a nonverbal group of individuals with autism. I use the question and answer format that I used in the article. "A Bridge Between Two Worlds". The information, I suspect, may be somewhat influenced by my personal bias and knowledge base as this is a conscious channeled experience.

Will you explain the process of thought joining, sending, and receiving?

You are about to transcend the ordinary as you seek instruction from the extraordinary. It will come to you through the process of whispered voices. Any questions we are unable to answer, we will defer upward. Ask and you will receive!

Who will you defer to?

We are guided by divine energy that unites all things and is devoid of ego.

Can you define the sub type of autism?

This type of Autism is a dysfunction or function whereby our soul has not totally integrated with the body. This lack of integration leaves our soul in a position dissimilar to those who have fully integrated. Being more attuned with our subconscious or spiritual self leaves the body unsure of how to direct itself in the physical world. As if in a dream state, we have difficulty grasping, controlling, or categorizing thought, but the knowledge itself is vast — covering innate universal truths lost by the more integrated individual. Respect and learn from us, yet know that our survival and happiness demands a level of grounding. Realize that you can reach for our truth as we reach for yours. Both are better off in the transfer.

Please clarify what you mean by a dream state.

We are exposed to free flowing thoughts that lack the organization to explain in the context of the physical body. Limit our field and we will be better able to access your domain.

Do you want to integrate fully?

We are all different, just as you are. Some of us serve as channels. Some of us are here to experience love just as any integrated human being. Some of us prefer to stay aloft, for it is our reality. In truth, it is an exalted state-one that allows our souls access to the universe.

How does your brain work?

The brain is a diffusing device, not an emanating one. Knowledge itself is in the soul. Based on our sensory experiences, we decide what to pay attention to.

People whose sensory systems are intact have a shared reality. This intactness brings about a shared reality based on shared sensory experiences. Variations occur dependent on culture, belief systems, and experience. Yet overall, sight, smell, taste, touch, and vestibular input create a shared perceptual reality. This reality helps to form the neuron circuitry necessary for a common way of interpreting matter and experience.

When a sensory disruption occurs, what we have thus far experienced is no longer valid. The brain diffuses information in random fashion. The parameters of organized thought are askew.

Do you understand what I am sending?

It depends, for abstract thought is plentiful but concrete reality is different. It is an inverse relationship to your own way of thinking. You meditate to raise your vibration and to see energy, feel the touch of spirit, or hear its voice. It demands training and concentration on your part. The more you do it, the more astute you become at uniting self with soul. In order to access this realm, you must acknowledge the universal connection. When you are engaged in higher-level thought, we are more apt to engage and comprehend not only the words but also the meaning behind them.

Is it your egos that I am tapping into, my own subconscious, or spirit coming through?

Trance is second nature to many of us, but it is an individual situation. Without the interference of ego, we have access to spiritual truth. It does not require a channeled experience amongst us. However, it does require one to share it with you. When you open your heart and join, everything else moves forward, intermingling energy so profound that one ceases to be alone. It is commingling that gives us strength.

How can I become less dominant and still keep the interaction going?

Your next step is to transfer your dominance to those coming along for the ride by submitting to the unconscious thoughts of your passengers. Give them the wheel, so to speak, by stepping back and entrusting the vehicle to them. It is your fear of the upcoming crash that holds you back. It is your fear of letting go that is holding your passengers in a submissive position. Let them drive.

Are some of you able to communicate with each other?

Of course — we are of a similar vibration, but it is more like simultaneous knowing since we have access to the universal mind.

Do some of you have precognition?

Since we have access to the universal mind through the subconscious, it is not precognition for us. We operate in two worlds. Thus we understand both what is happening and the meaning behind it. But it is often difficult for us to communicate in the context of the physical body. We do not know outcomes because they are transient, but we can surmise trends based on current behaviors of the collective subconscious. We realize that a shift in those behaviors changes outcomes. That is what we attempt to do.

Do you prefer a particular philosophical thought?

We prefer a feeling state that is spiritual, loving, uniting, and knowing. Our thoughts are unbridled and separate us from self.

Do you believe joining and sending energy affect world consciousness?

Yes, we do. It is within everyone’s ability to manipulate mass consciousness with love. If people sit in loving meditation for an hour each day, tension subsides. Unencumbered movement of spiritual essence appears in its wake. This essence heals as it flows amongst us, removing the layers of negative thought and debris that have attached to the spirit of each person. Know that to acknowledge lack is to create it. Abundant love has no boundaries. It encompasses all in its path to embrace the oneness of spirit.

I have served as a teacher of individuals with autism for 18 years. What they have taught me was to be sure of nothing, and open myself to the extraordinary. It has been and continues to be a remarkable ride. Comments and questions are appreciated. Please pass this article on to anyone you feel might be interested in this currently unexplainable phenomena.

Mary Ann Harrington
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Rose Campbell said:

I too had read them years ago...maybe early 80's...but like you could recall only bit and pieces. That is why I have returned to reading them and had just read what I written in the below post. Since there are no coinciences.... :) I believe the passages about this is between pages 179 and 189 of THE SETH MATERIAL book. It may be hard to find a copy...I think they may be out of print now.
Sun,06 Sep 2009,12:51:56 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Hi Rose,

I do remember Jane Roberts and the Seth materials. I believe I read them in the early 70's so there is little that I can recall other than it was my first experience with channelled material.

I agree that the students I've met are in what you refer to as a Gestalt consciousness. I've sensed it was because they didn't fully integrate in their bodies. I also feel they lack an internal rhythm because of the above. Perhaps they do self stim to feel their bodies as Caz, Tito and you suggest. Or perhaps it serves multiple purposes including establishing a rhythm. I have noticed that if I rhythmically tap a child the stim sometimes diminishes.

I taught my students to stop stimming when I was involved in direct instruction; otherwise, I could not keep their attention and get a connection. When our session was over, I let them go back to their stims. I did see a decrease over time. Why? That too is open for speculation. Perhaps it was because I set a dominant rhythm. Perhaps they just became more comfortable and grounded. There are so many interesting aspects of the phenomena to study.

Thanks again for wonderful input. I really appreciate the knowledge that you and Caz have to share.
Sun,06 Sep 2009,01:12:47 GMT

Rose Campbell said:

I have a cooment to add about the rocking and self-stimulation. I do not know if either of you have read any Seth material (Seth being an entity channeled back in the 1960's) but in the book entitled THE SETH MATERIAL in the chapter under Health he talks about consciousness and how sometimes the higher the consciousness the more it will accept even pain so as to maintain awareness of self. In other words, they may need to rock or stimulate self in order to remain focused somewhat in the earth 3D consciousness since their natural "homeland" is a higher level of awareness than here. Thus, Mary Ann, I put forward that it might not be to keep connection to an altered state but rather to keep connection with this state of being that we experience in a physical body. That make sense to either of you? (Do see if you can find a copy of the Seth material book and read that chapter on health if nothing else. However, the entire book talks about consciousness and the differnece between individual and gestalt consconciousness. I feel that Autistic children are far more anchored in the gestalt consciousness than just this rather flat line consciousness.)
Fri,04 Sep 2009,23:59:10 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Hi Caz,

I have met Tito and read his book. He is a remarkable young man and i certainly agree with his quote. "One day I dream that we can grow in a matured society where nobody would be 'normal or abnormal' but just human beings, accepting any? other human being- ready to grow together."

I have heard his mother, Soma, speak at a few conventions. My understanding of the process differs from hers. I insist on sharing authorship and do not claim that all information is coming from the person hitting the keys.

When I sit in close proximity to my students like, I know I can inadvertently influence the typing. At this point, it is impossible for me to keep the communication going without doing so. Notice how what I refer to as "an agent" is always in close proximity to those hitting the keys by themselves.

I met a woman recently who told me she could discern the difference and was aware when influence was occurring. I believe she studies mediumship. Perhaps she can.

In the meantime, anything, my students and I write should be read with discernment just like channelled material. Until I am sure, the material is devoid of influence, I must continue to share authorship. To do otherwise, would be misleading and I feel dangerous.

Meditation that strengthens your ability to receive is certainly a good place to start. I have taken some development classes in the past and meditated. I plan to re-instate my own practice. Perhaps, that will allow me an expanded understanding of the source of the information.

As far as rocking and self stimulation go, in addition to feeling their body, it might help the kids relax and establish a rhythm. The repetition might also help them keep contact with altered states. (I.e. Look at mystics and Yogi's" I do it myself.

Thank you again for sharing. Please continue to tell us about your experiences with your incredible son. When enough people come forward and "spread kernels" as Rose indicated in her channelled video, men of science will eventually follow.

Thank you for sharing,
Mary Ann
Fri,04 Sep 2009,21:41:48 GMT

Ascend2luv said:

Mary, I know the answer to this question:

"I am holding the keyboard, sitting in close proximity, or offering some facilitated support. Since they are so sensitive to my thoughts It is difficult to tell what is coming from the consciousness of the person who is doing the typing, what is coming from my memory bank, or what is coming from a universal field. "

Have you heard of a non-verbal Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay his mother Sumo taught him how to communicate using informative pointing method, basically pointing to words he wrote this poem :

"One day I dream that we can grow in a matured society where nobody would be 'normal or abnormal' but just human beings, accepting any? other human being- ready to grow together."
- Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay (Non-verbal Autisitic) who wrote the book "The Mind Tree"

Tito was asked why do you rock your body, he replied "because I cannot feel my body".

I see my own son repeat, I feel its so he can make sense of this third dimension. He has to work at figuring out where he ends and the world starts. He already knows he is? part of everything and the divisions that appear to exist in this reality are an illusion.

The website for this method is, it shows videos of autistics independly pointing to letters and communicating :

I know in my heart that my son has much to say, and I have felt the telepathic connection you speak of. I have to work at quietning my mind, so I can hear and connect. I learned about autiism from autistic adults. I have a special friend who is high functioning aspergers who is channelling through stories some amazing stories which reflect the accounts of lemuria. Here is a link to his Youtube account:

Also I came accross a video by Donna Williams "Autism and Sensing; The Unlost Instinct"

Thank you for this.

Caz x

Mon,31 Aug 2009,12:28:43 GMT

Mary Ann Harrington said:

Dear Rose,

Like you, I believe my students are straddling the subconscious and the super conscious mind. Perhaps, I am in touch with the super conscious at times. Or maybe I am just a tool for expression. It may be a “stepping down of vibration” where spirit initially connects with them since they are not impaired by ego. (I) And are able to easily step aside and let the information come through. In turn, they may come through my consciousness as I attempt to set my ego aside. Because of their lack of ego, I have more faith in their ability to step aside and let the information flow than I do my own. I also fear, at times that I am tainting the message by my own bias and knowledge base. I’ve also pondered that it is “our shared vibration” that allows access. It feels like I am a bridge to help tem understand and use our communication system here on earth. Perhaps, I am an intermediary to help them understand our reality and in tern they serve as my bridge to mystical state. I really don’t know and am anxious for scientists to take an interest in these anomalies. I have been waiting along time. This article was written from information, I “received” about seven years ago. I have been aware of a form of telepathy for about twenty years.

In the process I refer to as “joining”, the kids hit keys. Below is a sample of student typed communication describing the process. Three nonverbal students diagnosed as severe typed this. I held the keyboard as they hit the keys independently, each typing a few words and as I moved it around the circle. (Al always, I felt my consciousness was joined with theirs and part of the process.)

“Great teacher of untrained thought encompasses our reality by entraining our souls to join as one regulating the transmission of commingled thought bereft of time and space yet clear and fluid."
Thank you again for your incredibly helpful comments. Keep in touch. Like-minded thinkers need to stick together and broaden the base, for a paradigm shift of this magnitude to begin.

With deep appreciation,

Wed,08 Jul 2009,20:55:41 GMT

Rose Campbell said:

Mary Ann, In reading this article I have a few suggestions/questions for us to explore. In teaching psychic powers classes I cover the 3 basic levels of the mind and the strata of consciousness porportedly foudn within each level. From reading your article I have a thought: The ones you work with are straddling the area of the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind unlike most of humanity which straddles the line between conscious mind and subconscious mind. Most of us who are channels have learned to leave the conscious mind a bit and reach "higher" to straddle the line between subconscious and super-conscious mind (Universal mind). Therefore I wonder if your forays into receiving intuitively is you yourself reaching across the divide into the super-conscious mind where all minds meet into a larger gestalt consciousness? Perhaps it is why you can meet your students mentally and the information is shared but it is also why the term "we" applies there rather than the student saying "I"? The term "we" is the term for the super-conscious level of knowledge for there is no singular "I" within that realm. Only the conscious and subconscious levels of mind recognize the state of being "I" and once above the personal levels of mind it can only become a "we" mentality. What do you think?
Tue,07 Jul 2009,12:59:07 GMT
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