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Current Events & Potentials for 2009

By:Lee Carroll channelling Kryon
Date: Wed,28 Jan 2009

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner linearizes this message as he has been doing for so long. Even when I say to him and to you that on the other side of the veil there truly is no time, he still must linearize our message. For us, it is all happening at the same time. For you, it's on a linear track. However, our perspective gives us the ability to alert you to the potentials of what we see in what you have called your future.

Reflecting back, we see ourselves at this moment, telling you about the potentials that you are sitting in now, but our "now" is your 20 years ago. Back then, we brought you the information and the profundity of what you had accomplished in 1987. We told you in our messages back in 1989 that you had changed your future. "Human consciousness is going to shift," we said back then. Indeed, it has.

I can remember sitting there and saying that, for it is still before me. To you, it's a record of something that happened. To me, it's still happening. But to you, it was before a time when my partner was able to open his mouth and linearize anything that I would say [before Lee started channelling out loud]. Instead, he was writing at his table. We're there right now with him. It is timeless for us and all that has transpired in what you have called a 20-year span is now for us. He wrote it down as I gave it and it became the first Kryon book – the one where we gave you these potentials that are today your reality. Now, I tell you this so that you can understand that back then, what we saw as the potentials of your decisions is, indeed, before you. We give you this at this time so you may acknowledge that we are seeing the potentials just as clear, 20 years from now.

It depends on what you do with potentials for them to become reality. There is a collective energy that is created by Lightworkers that is so profound on this planet that the very core of the planet itself vibrates differently because you're here. The Crystalline Grid is vibrating differently because you are here. All of this esoteric talk is fine, but you've got to feel it! Do you see the reality before you?

Oh, dear ones who have lived long on this planet, do you remember what it was like 20 years ago? I'll be speaking of current events today, so let me ask you: Do you remember your weather 20 years ago? Fondly, probably. It is not that way today, is it? Do you remember the energy of your very life, of your workplace? Do you remember the energy 20 years ago of your politics and your business? Do you remember that? Because it is not the same today.

There has never been a 20-year span in the history of humanity that has had this happen to it, where consciousness has changed so much. These things are because of what you've done. Oh, we could go back and remind you that at that place where you stood ready to be born, you could hardly wait to get here! It doesn't matter how old you are in this room. There are youngsters here, seniors here. You're all one age to me and you're glorious, a piece of God. I don't see your body. I see the face I know, the one that's forever. Are you aware of that? There is no death for you. Oh, there's a time perhaps when you lose a Human body and collect another one. That's just the mechanics of being Human. Those bodies don't last that long. That's all there is to it. That's why you keep coming back. That's how I see you, and that's how I've always seen you.

I could go back a very long time, unfathomable time for you, when the earth was molten and taking its form, and we were there together looking at it. "This is your new home," we were saying. "Wait ‘til it cools, you'll be there," we were saying. "For yet another test," we were saying. Oh, it's not a test of Humans. It's a test of energies. Now, here you are, sitting upon it doing the heavy lifting.

Some of you can remember those days—we're talking four billion years ago—but you can remember it because it's ingrained into your Akash. It is part of your cellular structure, old soul. It is Human nature not to see these things as we do and so most of you don't. But here you are sitting in November in the year 2008. To us, those are just numbers, not years. They're energy. The eight and the two, they're a one. That's unity. That's new beginnings. That's climbing out of the coffin of fear! That's climbing out of the cauldron of an old energy. That's you emerging to a new age. We told you that.

We told you that last year at this time when you were moving from the year of the nine into the year of the one [2007 to 2008]. What does all this mean to you? Let's get practical. Let us speak for a moment of those in the chairs, not just in this room, but the ones who are listening to this and the ones who are reading this now. I'm going to again give a message of what I call current events and it's mostly going to be for Americans, for that is mostly who sits here. I'm going to speak frankly to all of you. By Americans, I mean those in the United States who live here.

This United States of yours has documents that are almost 200 years old that were channelled by men of integrity, men who wanted to make a difference on this planet. Sometimes you look at this and you look at them, and you wonder, what would they say today? Well, you don't have to wonder, because they're here. In some way or another, in Human body or not, the consciousness of those forefathers are with you. What would they say? They're right with you in everything you're doing. There's no shock or surprise, because they're seeing what we're seeing. And what they are seeing is there is shift upon you, a major shift in all areas.

Where do we begin? How do we start? Let us start with fear. And we'll say it again. Fear is not an energy. Fear is the lack of the love of God. It is a hole, and you fill it with your duality. That's what happens. You have a choice over everything, dear ones. When you leave this place tonight and you look at all the things around you that are perhaps dark and negative and hurtful, some won't see any promise or goodness or hope. Then I'll tell you what happens for them: they willingly push the love of God out, and a big hole remains. Then they fill it with their own ideas and generate fear. That's duality in action.

Let me tell you this: It is a lot easier to leave it alone and let the love of God stay in that place than to willingly empty it out. Yet, some of you do this. Why don't you commit yourself today to understand that as Lighthouses, you cannot fear? All you can do is strike the light. If the lighthouse fears the storm, dear ones, what chance do those on the mainland have? If the lighthouse fears the storm and decides to douse its light, what happens to the ships? You don't have that option to fear!

You'll say, "Well, Kryon, some of us are starting to, for things are looking bad. "So we'll give you an answer that will just fill you so completely with the love of God that there cannot be a hole. There cannot be a void. First, realize that fear is caused from uncertainty about what you call the future. So let me tell you what I see as the potential of the future: there will come a time when you will look back and you'll say, "How could we have feared? It was so silly for us." Why don't you claim that now? Don't wait until the future to look back and say it was silly to fear. Say it now! Let's get rid of it now.

There are so many who'll say, "Well, Kryon, you don't know what I've been through. You don't know what I'm facing." Oh yes, we do. Don't you understand? We walk with you every single moment of your life. There's a hand reaching out from that innate part of you that is interdimensional, and it wants to hold your hand so much and get you out of the fear. It wants to increase your light. It's always been that way, always. This would be a good time to take that hand. It would be a real good time to take that hand, that hand that we call the hand of the Higher-Self. It walks with you every day and knows all of your issues, your problems, your health, your grief and your worry. Time to let God have that.

The Earth

I'll start with the earth. I'm going to start big and go small. Current events: What's going on with the planet itself? Esoterically, the Crystalline Grid of this planet is filling up with new energy. Part of the Crystalline structure's attributes is remembrance. Children remember this even from the crystal radio sets they might have built in school. A crystal has frequency detection and remembrance. That's at a scientific and geologic level. At an esoteric level, the Crystalline Grid of this planet remembers you and your frequency. It remembers your Akash, and it knows why you're here. It's always ready to activate.

Gaia is alive and is your partner in vibrational shift. It always has been. You and Gaia have an agreement to work together, and part of the issue there is all of the things surrounding this – what we will call the geophysics of the planet. They are beginning to shift before you. Now I give you science and I throw the gauntlet out and I say go check it! Why is it that the magnetic field has moved so much and so far, even in the last 10 years? "What's up with that?" you might say. We told you it would 20 years ago. It had to. For the magnetic grid of the earth literally speaks to the DNA within the trillions of pieces in your body, which are emulating the very Akashic record of life, death and the past expressions [lives] of who you are.

Are you aware that your Akashic Record is interdimensional? We stood right here and told you that years ago [Laguna Hills]. There are two layers of your interdimensional DNA that are energies linked together, which we call the Lemurian layers. They've been with you from the beginning, and they are your Akashic Record. It takes two of them linked together in this purpose to give this amazing storage, and they're the only pair of interdimensional layers you have. The twisted strand? Well now, that's the 3D part, the double helix, and not really even a pair. No, I'm talking about two interdimensionally linked layers. That's how strong the Akash is, and how strong the record of who you are is.

Your Akashic Record is interdimensional and has no time. To you it does, for you say it's a record of the past. But it's really not. It's a record of the present as culled from your past. Imprinted upon it are the potentials of what's going to happen to you next time around. Again, the Akashic Record sounds like something from the past, does it not? But rather, it's the Akashic Record of who you're going to be. If all is in the now in a quantum state, then any kind of a "record" is everything that happens, not just in one direction [your past]. It must include a "record" of the potentials of the future. We don't expect you to understand this.

"Well, Kryon, even in my limited understanding, that means predestination." No, it does not. You see, you are a piece of God, just like I am. We know the potentials you're building with the life energy you have now, and what the propensities are of what you will do next. Oh, it's not totally known, but it is potential, nevertheless. It's also known that all of you are coming back. Yes, you are! You'll have the mind of God on the other side of the veil and you're going to come back very quickly.

Turnaround times? [from birth to reincarnation] Forget everything you've been told. In this energy, esoterically I will tell you that a Lightworker may come and go within a year. One year! If it's longer than that, then they're waiting for something. Forget what you've been told by those who are metaphysical, by those in the old energy, of how long it takes to regenerate another plan. You have no idea of how this has all changed. The energy on this planet supports a fast turnaround. That ought to tell you what's been happening here.

I want you to look at the magnetic field's strength. It's getting lower! Go ahead and measure the actual gauss units. It is not as strong as it was. What does that mean? Remember this: The veil, what you have called the veil, is defined as that which is between you and the other side of you. That is, it's what's between 3D and multiple-D. You think it's the curtain between you and God, but it's not that clear cut. It's thick, this veil, and we have told you from the beginning that magnetics and the gravity and the light of this planet are all part of it. Now they're all becoming weaker, becoming less. The veil is beginning to lift a little, and some of you have felt it and you know exactly what I'm speaking of.

Why don't you also go and measure the heliosphere of the sun? Go ahead. Rise from your chairs and go look it up. You will find it's never been weaker! Some will say it's dangerously low. The heliosphere is the magnetic compliment of the sun that literally shields you from the cosmic rays of space. It's getting less and less in your solar system! Don't worry, however, since it's all part of a system, an earth system that you are changing, and it's all part of science that you can measure, and all part of what we told you to expect.

Do I have to ask you to go and look up the weather shifts that you've had? Perhaps you will just look out the window? [Laughter] Twenty years ago, we said there will be places that would no longer grow things that always did, and other places where things would grow where they never did. We told you of areas that were barren that would have water. What does that tell you about the weather? It tells you that there would be major shifts in the water cycle. Today, that's what you're seeing. Do not fear this shift!

First of all, we'll say it again: It is slow! You have time. If the water level rises, get out of the way! The earth moves slowly. Those who keep track of these things will see them happening, and you'll have years to adjust. Yet there will be some Humans who will dig in and challenge it – and drown. Humans do that, you know? They don't believe what's happening and they deny change. Consciousness is the same thing. Have you seen it lately? There are some who will dig in because they don't like the change, and they will drown in the process. That is metaphorically saying that there are those who will give their lives to keep everything the same. What does that tell you about the shift? They wouldn't do that unless they were seeing something they didn't like: Shift.

Again, we say this: There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is going through a cycle that has advanced itself. In other words, it is before its time because you have sped up the geology of this planet. You've actually sped up the clock in a relative way. That is to say that as your clock goes the same speed and you even seem to age the same way, but the planet has sped up! You might say, "Well, that doesn't make sense, Kryon." You're right. It wouldn't to you, because you are in 3D and these things are relative to interdimensional attributes. Haven't you felt the increase in the speed of time? Ask innate, ask that which is inside, "Have you felt the speed-up lately?" That's the anxiousness, the awakening at three in the morning we told you about years ago. That's an earth speeding up. It's all there for you to look at. Now, that's not something that's going to happen. That's something that did happen, and here you sit.

The United States

First and foremost, Kryon and Spirit do not care about your politics. What you collectively do in this area is free choice. But look at the free choice that you have, and the difference between what you are doing in an old energy compared to a new energy. YOU are doing it. God does not put politicians in office. You do. In this country, the system that you chose that operated the way that you designed just put someone special there. Now, this is not political, yet there are some who will think it is, since they see everything politically. Please don't.

I'm now going to give you information about the one you call Obama, and some of you already know it.

My partner sat on the stage in Israel in 2001 and he told the audience that 2008 would be the time of shift and change because that was the potential. "Kryon, are you telling us that the potential was Obama in 2008?"No. The potential is that you would create great shift in 2008, and you did. Later in a meeting in Colorado [Look for it, it is recorded and there for you to see.], I channelled information that in 2008 you would collectively turn to Indigo leadership. Well, you just did! Let me tell you something about this Human that you have chosen. Number one - he's an old soul. Now you knew that, didn't you? But I'm telling you that he is an old, old soul. He's Lemurian. Don't you find it interesting that he was born in Hawaii? These are the original energies of Lemuria, 50,000 years ago.

In this lifetime, he chose to be born there again. That's the first hint. Identified, he was, two years ago by the woman who originally saw the Indigo color. The basis behind the Indigo description is from the one you call Tappe [Nancy Tappe]. She identified Barack Obama as an Indigo more than two years ago [long before he decided to run for president]. He is an older Indigo, yes, but he has the Indigo attributes.

Now, let me describe these attributes to you, and this is the fun part: In those times in what you would call the run-up to the election, you would go back and forth in analysis to decide which Human Being you were going to choose. Indeed, there was criticism of Obama, and the criticism went like this, "He is too young and inexperienced; he cannot fulfill this job. This job requires a more aged, experienced, seasoned Human Being." There simply could be no response to this argument. But if you looked at the man, he radiated the energy that he's "been there and done that"! That's an Indigo! Out of the realm of 3D, his Akash has indeed "been there before" and if you knew what was in his Akash, you'd gasp at what he's been through.

You made a choice that was a strong potential. You selected a Lemurian, and an Indigo energy, an old soul. That is something we foresaw. Now I'm going to give him some advice. He will never hear this. [Ah, but he might.] This is my advice, as Kryon, to this young leader of this country. I have two things to tell you, Barack. Number one – watch your back. Number two – don't trust your advisors, for the advisors will give you what used to work in the old days. However, your intuition will give you what you really should do. Break the paradigms. Step out of the box and go for it. That's current, isn't it? He has yet to take office at this moment. That's current!

Look what you've done! Twenty years ago in the good ol' boys' club in the back room of your country, if you had said, "Well, you know in 20 years the United States is going to elect a black man," they would have thrown you out! "Impossible!" they would have cried. "Won't let it happen!" they would have said. "You'll never even get to the first step. Can't happen!" You know I'm right, don't you? Does that tell you what's happened in your politics? It's free-wheeling. Nobody's in charge in any back room anymore. Instead, you are, America.

Americans Need to Hear This

Now, let me speak to Americans about something they need to hear: I'm going to take you back about 10 to 15 years. During that time, America in particular decided to take to task the tobacco companies of the day. Citizens realized that the companies were out of integrity because they were trying to hook people with a drug habit, even children! So America decided to clean up its act, and it did.

The laws started to be passed to enable the health of those who were not yet addicted, letting them have a choice to finally examine whether it was in integrity, and they did. Today, everything is different, isn't it? What did the rest of the world say about what you did? They laughed! In western Europe, when they saw what you were doing, they turned their backs and said, "These silly Americans. They're just so strange." They proclaimed, "That will never happen here." Well, go there today and you'll find the same laws you have!

Why am I telling you this? I am giving you this story because you are doing it again, allowing things to be cleaned up. First here, and then later, other economic systems on the planet. This is because you are the ones who can make these shifts first! You have a system that allows for exposure without penalty. You have a system that allows you to say whatever you choose, then examine the integrity of things that used to be what you would call "sacred cows." The tobacco companies were one of them, and they fell in the process of your examination.

Integrity is starting to matter more and more in ordinary life. Dear ones, today you're in a financial crisis. But we see it differently. This country of yours is not in a crisis; it is in a pruning stage. What do you do to the trees when you want them to grow better and survive? You cut off their branches, cut them down to the core. It's ugly! Then you look at them and you say, "I don't know if this thing's ever going to grow back." You do that, don't you? But the master gardener knows. The master gardener knows you've got to do that. He knows that when they come back, they're beautiful, aren't they? Bigger than before. Then you look at them and go, "Wow, that's amazing about nature!"

Well, let me tell you something that's also amazing. The principle of integrity in economics, when it is realized and used and manifested, is going to grow your financial system faster than any of your critics say it can be done. Are you going to sit there and fear it? Instead, perhaps you are going to realize that you have just pruned the system, and you're going to just sit tight for this winter. Let this winter be what it is and watch these things come back, for you have just done the impossible.

Again, there are those in that good ol' boys' club 20 years ago who said, "Banking is going to be this way. Insurance is going to be this way. That's the way we'll make the most money." You just called them on it, and things will never be the same. Ever.

What happens next is that it spreads. This integrity is going to spread into Europe eventually, and even into China. You're planting seeds in a place that was created for it – the United States. It's where you can do these things and nobody's going to slap you down for it. This was part of the potential of the very channelled documents that were created 200 years ago that give you that ability. Do you doubt they were channelled? Go read them etched into the walls of your past presidents' memorials. Cherish it. I've never spoke this way before. The system you created is a good one, for it allows for personal choice of Human Beings without penalty. If enough of you chose the right thing, the rest of the world takes a look and they change, too.

It's tough, what you're doing, and there are some tough days ahead. Go with me 20 years in the future and you're going to see a different kind of banking, a different kind of insurance, and it's going to be worldwide. This will be because of what you did here and now. What you choose to do and what your Congress chooses to do is, indeed, appropriate. Did you ever think of it that way? This is current information. That's what we want to tell you. Your situation isn't about anything failing. You know what just failed? Old energy just failed! The good ol' boys' club just failed. Greed just failed. So what are you going to do? You ought to blow up a balloon! You ought to have a party! I dare you to have a recession party! Why not? Look at the truth. Look at what's really happened. [Kryon smile]

Personal Power

I want to talk about personal power. I want to talk about things that people have asked me for a very long time, about what is going to happen. How can you create peace on this planet?

There are those who think with their limited linear minds who say this, "In order for us to have peace on this earth, we're going to have to have all Human Beings converted to metaphysics. "Now, that's not going to happen. That's not a prediction, just reality. So, how's it going to work? I'm going to repeat again, something I've been teaching for 20 years: What you carry, dear Human Being, is not a belief system. You carry the energy of light. When you're in a very dark place, anything goes. Everything is in the dark. You can't see anybody doing anything. The energy that flourishes in the dark, of course, is corruption, drama and greed. However, as you walk this planet, you carry a light. Some of you may say, "Well, my light is very small." Collectively, however, it is not.

The earth is old energy. However, the grid system and all of that which is crystalline is starting to become less. That is to say, it is clearing the view for those who wish to have elevated thoughts, but who can't have them in the dark. Now, here you come with a match! The light is just enough light so that others can see, and just enough light where the matches add up and become a torch. Perhaps you're just a few? Perhaps you don't think there is enough light? Less than one half of one percent of this planet's population can illuminate the whole thing!

This light is created so those who would never sit in a chair like this [those who would never listen to a channelling], with their own integrity and with their own intelligence might see things that are no longer in the dark. This would create a situation where they would start to discover the energy of integrity. That's what you do, dear Lightworker. Do you understand? You enable humanity.

You can have six billion people in the dark and a few million of them light a match and everybody can see. You understand? Then when everybody can see, they won't allow things to continue as they are. This is the potential we gave you 20 years ago. This is what 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence has created in you. You did it. All of you did it.

You may not realize the part you played in it, but you did it. I'll tell you, some of you are awakening right now and saying, "Well, what can I do more than what I've done?" I'll tell you: Relax. Breathe. Light your match. Don't get caught up in what's next or how much or how hard or am I doing it right. I'll tell you, just hold your match and let God love you. That's all you have to do and these things will be added unto you and you will be put into synchronistic places. You'll be shown the passion for where you should be. You'll move from place to place. You'll be in the right place at the right time. That's all there is. It's not about grandness or greatness or doing or being. It's just about accepting the love of God in your life and moving from place to place without guilt that you're not doing enough. Don't be hard on yourselves. Just be in light.

We're going to close. The energy is intense in this room because Spirit is here. It sits next to you. It's "innate." Innate is a thick, intuitive presence that represents all of your Akash and the Akash of your ancestors, which literally sits upon you. When you get into that special state where you really feel Spirit and you start to listen, it's all there. That's the system; that's the way it's designed, and it will be that way all your life.

What is God to you? You're part of a collective, an energy that is amazing. Call it God if you wish. It is the creative source. It is all there is. It is the light of the Universe. When all is gone, it remains, and will always remain. You always were, and you always will be. All of you. You are a piece of eternity with no beginning and no end. All of you. Important. All of you.

There is a purpose for your coming and a purpose for your going. God bless those who have chosen to come at this time and endure these shifts and these changes, for what they do today will affect all of the children and their children's children from now on. That's the truth.

Let the seeds be planted these moments for those who don't believe in this, that they can claim this some day when they need it without judgment. For the energy here never leaves. It's always available.

And so it is.

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