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Love is Consciousness - Kryon

By:David Brown channelling Kryon
Date: Sun,03 May 2009

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Once again it is wonderful to be here with you all this night this very night. For once again as always there is much love in the air and joy beckons as the moon becomes full on this night in April at Marina da Gama. There are many, many, changes coming, a new world coming, a different world, a world where negativity will be in the past and no longer creating from the past. We have always said that in these channellings, that as the new world beckons the ones who get there first will be creating their reality out of love for all to see, for all to know, for all to admonish, for all to desire, for this is true human consciousness. Love is consciousness.

Let us remind you that love is always the answer in any situation for whenever you are in a dark space love is the light that lights your way, love is the lantern that will guide your way. Whenever there is conflict in your life observe the conflict, don’t enter into the conflict see it for what it is, more emotional upheaval. Don’t engage in the conflict for the conflict is the inner child playing its games, uttering its utterances, doing what it has to do to be seen, that is all. The inner child is doing what it does so that it can be seen; it has to create its reality so that you know it is there, so you can heal it.
The days are becoming very few now where your child will create these negative realities for there are many of you that have understood this path. There are many of you who have been deeply, deeply wounded in your childhood and you have learned and you have understood how to heal and how to work with your wounded child and you have come to understand the reality that this child creates. We wish to say once again this is not the end but this is the beginning. In the end times an ending is always a new beginning, a rebirth. You are all light vibrations and energy, nothing more nothing less.

This group in this room this night, you are a very special soul group, you are all part of the Kryon family. You have all walked this path together and you will continue to walk this path and you will continue to step into new realities, realities sometimes painful but that is getting less and less and less. For where there is pain do not magnify the pain, observe the pain, be with the pain. As you engage in conflict around your pain you only energize the pain, you will only make the blockage deeper and more difficult to release to heal and to transform. Every blockage can be transformed from something negative to some thing positive.

Always in your darkness there are gifts, always, always, always, not 99% of the time but 100% of the time. The gift always comes from a place of love from a place of heart. The darkness that lies dormant in your body is always an aspect of your inner child or your inner parents. It is always along that axis, that axis that connects you to Father Sky and Mother Earth and that is where your healing work is done in that axis. Any other healing is superficial. Like cutting or mowing dandelions the roots get stronger the dandelions come back stronger, more flowers more seeds more problems. When you really work with the inner child you are working at the roots of the problems and the same with your inner parents. Your parents were the gods of your childhood. Your child just copied your parents, it copied their behaviours, it copied the way they related, it copied exactly the emotional patterns of your parent’s lives and if it doesn’t look quite that way that is because they will have done exactly the opposite on the same polarity.

This is an electronic universe Dear Ones, which means there is logic here; there is logic for you all to understand. It may seem very higgledy piggledy when you try to understand that is because your mind is not geared to understand something that is so big but nonetheless the time is arriving when your mind will connect with the mind of the Divine, when you will become one with the Divine. There are two levels of consciousness arriving in these end times. The consciousness of Christ should have arrived 2000 years ago, and it has been suppressed by the powers that be on this planet, and in this new time, new age, you will stand on the shoulders of Christ energy with even more power with even more love. We have always said that you are magical beings of this Universe. You actually know nothing of your true power. You have heard of tele-transportation, telepathy, levitation but you know nothing of how majestic humanity really is.

For Dear Ones, you have been living beyond the veil, a very thick dark veil. You could even call it a slimy dark veil because of the injustice that there is on planet earth, even as we speak. Not all leaders on this planet are truly interested in consciousness, in this planet growing, they are interested in the status quo, interested in maintaining the status quo as such, holding consciousness at its low levels.

We say Dear Ones, that love conquers all, love truly conquers all. Love is the answer in every situation. Where you act out of love and integrity then your energies open up and your energies flow, you will be an unmanageable person in the true energy of love, in the energies of ecstasy.

On this planet there is much information and there is much disinformation. Whatever you are reading read it, read it but feel what you are reading. For even some of the most revered books are of different levels of consciousness, even your most revered books have been interfered with. What has never been interfered with is your hearts. They may be blocked, they may be in jail cells, they may be protected by many, many patterns of behaviour and emotional energies; but your heart, it’s impossible, impossible, impossible that anybody can tamper with your heart.

For Dear Ones, your minds are easy to tamper with, for your mind is masculine your heart is feminine, your heart flows from the Divine. But your mind is masculine, your mind comes from what you learnt from your parents, your mind comes from what you learned at school, your mind comes from whatever your learned on earth, but now is the time to go beyond the human mind and begin to connect with the Divine mind. To let the human mind and the Divine mind come together as one. There are many possibilities for this earth plane, many, many possibilities but the greatest of all possibilities comes to those who have done the work, who are in their hearts, who know about love, who are willing to challenge the structures, the mainframe, the parameters that are set up on this earth, for they are not the truth. You hardly know who you are… you hardly, hardly, know who you are. For you walk this land, this earth plane in your earth suits for your divinity compressed into the tightest of zip files and just allowing yourself a little glimpse of your divinity every now and again. This is due to suppression and repression of your consciousness.

In the last century the white man was involved in war that covered almost the entire planet. These wars have made an indelible mark in the hearts and the minds, first of all of those men that fought in those wars and that indelible imprint is not good it has caused the western world to suffer deeply. Suffer more than you can ever imagine. Without those wars your consciousness would be something totally different than what it is today. But at the same time there have been great lessons learned and let it be said that these kind of wars must never occur again on this planet. For to this very day the sons and daughters of the survivors of these wars and the families of the survivors of these wars are still deeply affected by their ancestry and these energies need to be purged from this planet.

We bring to you a new healing energy, the magical healing energies of Kryon and these energies are designed to flow through any issue, any problem and release you from any kind of bondage, blockage and thought patterns that don’t work. These energies are designed to heal the wounded child and flow through into your hard wiring; your hard wiring comes from between conception and birth when you picked up exactly what your mother was feeling and these energies will flow through this gestation period into your karmic periods, into your past lives where you set up this lifetime. For this lifetime for all of you in this room this night is a lifetime where you will break through into a new world, into a new consciousness. All of those that are touched by the Kryon energy will step into a new world and will be held by the Kryon energy; you are family for you are one consciousness, and the golden cup of light of Kryon vibrates between your cells and your DNA and you will be held in safety in love and in security.

There are many changes coming, many changes, and you will find it easy to stay at the centre of the storm, this is what we speak of when we speak of observation, you will sit in the centre of the storm and see the turmoil that goes on around you as you step into newer and deeper levels of consciousness. For you know how difficult your own journey has been you know how you have had to go through great levels of constant introspection, going deeper and deeper and deeper in your psyche healing your wounds step by step of the journey finding consciousness and love and many gifts.

There are many Dear Ones, who have not joined you on this path and they will find it difficult to step into a new world. Some people will reach ascension status purely by default, others will not ascend. For there are great choices coming to planet earth, for the people within this room the 5th dimension is accessible. But for some a 5th dimension is not even a dream, they think that they have found heaven on earth, but heaven on earth lies in the 5th dimension. What causes the greatest suffering on planet earth is clinging on to things and it was Christ who said to Mary his wife, ‘don’t cling to me so’. That means let the love flow just let the love flow, when you are clinging the love won’t flow. Planet earth is a planet of duality, what does this mean? This means that there are two ways to manifest. One is to love and one is through negative energies but duality is slowly being closed down on planet earth in this respect.

We have often said in these channellings that manifestation will only come through the power of love, this why we have brought you through such a long journey healing your inner child, healing your inner parents. We know it has been painful, we know it has been long, some people on this planet are happy to create through this negative method of creation, it brings them what they think is joy but what they are is deluded and delusional.

If the true teachings of Christ were allowed to be free this planet would be a very, very different place. But this night Dear Ones, we bring to you Christ consciousness and we will anchor this Christ consciousness here in Marina da Gama as a gift from Kryon of Magnetic Service. We will anchor this beam, this shaft of love and light we will anchor it into the ground, into Mother Earth and allow it to emanate Christ consciousness. For Christ consciousness is love, Christ consciousness is the place in your body where there is no tension, where the love just flows like the Salzag flows thorough Salzburg, it never stops flowing, love will never stop flowing in Christ consciousness.

Of course there are difficult situations, many learning situations. Christ consciousness is learning through love. Christ consciousness is using love as the answer to the problem. Christ consciousness means relationship. Christ consciousness is when the masculine and the feminine inside your own bodies merge and flow, ebb and flow freely with a true acceptance by both the masculine and by the feminine. Christ consciousness is the deepest love possible on this earth until now. But in order for one brick to go on top of another there has to be one beneath it, Christ consciousness is a foundation stone that is required to be in place before humanity can take its next steps evolving into a new state of being. Christ consciousness is about evolution of the human spirit. Christ consciousness is about love.

If you ever take time out to look at an old building of 200 to 300 years ago you will see the massive foundation stones that were placed underneath these buildings. Christ consciousness is the foundation, is the springboard for the next step of evolution. This can no longer be suppressed on this earth plane and no longer will be suppressed. Often it is very, very difficult and you think of yourself as weak for not handling a situation with love. Christ consciousness is not an easy consciousness to master but if you treat all difficult situations with love you have to know that what is happening is your inner child is creating its reality and the only thing that you have to do is let the reality come and let it go and find out what part of you created this. The one phenomena we always speak of is the mirror, your parents are your mirrors, your parents have inside of them a child, an inner child that has exactly the same wound as you have, exactly, so at the same time as you are healing the inner child take time out to heal the inner child within your parents and if you so wish allow Kryon in to assist with this healing, for it is important to bring your parents to a stage of the sacred marriage within yourself, for in this state of sacred marriage they are allowing the masculine and feminine to merge, and as we often say the only creation happens when the masculine and feminine merge. That is what creation is. Everything on your planet speaks of this, everything, everything. It is not worth being angry with a person of the opposite sex just not worth it but it happens. But when you are angry with a person of the opposite sex then you push them away, but what you are doing is just pushing your own masculine away or own feminine away and you are stopping this process of creation, of manifestation in your own lives.

We ask you to watch, to observe, once you have been hurt; you have been hurt, there is no point in prolonging the hurt, let it come let it go. If you react it is okay but know that in your reaction there is a wound, know that that is a place where you heal, that needs healing. Step by step of the way the love will dissolve the wounds inside your body. Step by step of the way.

So we ask you now to go inside…. We ask you to allow the seven magical healing energies of Kryon to flow through your crown chakra where your spirit guides are at your feet in awe of the responsibility that you carry and carry it well in awe of your divinity. And the seven healing energies are first of all responsibility; taking absolute responsibility for your life, for all the good things and beautiful things that you have created, all the negative and difficult things that you have created, for all the work that you have done and all the work that there is to be done. Just allow yourselves to drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies, and responsibility is the energy of the crown chakra…

And now moving further down to the 3rd eye allowing the energies to move just allow the miracle and the gift of the energy of apology, apologizing to yourself for causing yourself so much hurt and pain throughout your life, apologizing to your little child that had to suffer the injustice of a difficult childhood. Apologizing to your parents that had to be unconscious to make you unconscious in certain areas, the big things that they would never really have wanted to do to anybody or have anybody do to themselves they did to you. And allow this energy of apology to flow wherever it needs to flow, let it flow… Let it flow through whatever it has to flow and the energy of apology makes your child, yourself, your parents more receptive to healing to love. You all know when somebody is angry they always want to push you away. The apology will release the anger and let it go…

Now let’s move down to the communication centre the throat chakra, and the energy of the communication centre is forgiveness so let’s allow into your bodies the energies of forgiveness… forgiving yourself, lets make a special attempt to forgive the Divine for allowing you to go through what you have been through. Forgiving your little child for creating all these negative realities; after all your child was hurt and the deepest, deepest meaning of forgiveness is those who have hurt you to recognise that you also hurt others and those that really hurt you to recognize that you became just like them, they carry their pain and you carry yours. Especially when you are looking at the energies of your mother and your father for those closest to you hurt you the most and your mother and your father will be very hurt by the way that they treated you. And at the very bottom of the pile of all unconscious behaviour is the energy of hurt and the energy of shame, these energies are the energies that create all the sadness, the loneliness, the heartache, the fears, the anger. So let’s allow these magical healing energies to go deep into your shame and deep into your hurts. It will be like pulling the plug and allowing all the other emotions to release the flow, flow back to where they came from and beyond, leaving you with your spiritual gifts and your spiritual awareness and the foundation stones pure, glistening and shining waiting for the next stones to be placed of the building to be placed on the foundations.

Now Dear Ones, we move to your heart and the energy of love, the energy that all humans dream of, so allow the energy of love to flow through your heart, flow through your crown chakra, through all the other chakras into your heart, and allow your heart to glow and to be open and whatever is covering your heart allow this energy of love to dissolve what covers your heart. When you were a child you needed protection, but now you are stronger, wiser, much clearer, more understanding… Allow these energies to flow through the hurts, the shames, in your heart… Whoever’s idea it is to call humanity sinners that is the greatest shame of all, for there is no such thing as sin on this planet, there is either consciousness or unconsciousness. Those of you who are conscious you helped the unconscious, not by shaming them but by loving them. That is true consciousness…

Now let’s move down to the solar plexus and the energy of surrender. Surrendering your hurts, surrendering your shame, for surrender is to win. Just allow these beautiful energies to flow into your solar plexus, healing your deep dark wounds in your power centre, enabling you to claim your power once again on this earth. Healing those deep, deep hurts from lifetime after lifetime, let these energies of Kryon flow in. To win is powerful, surrender must make you powerful for in surrendering you release the clinging and regain the flow…

Now we move to the 2nd chakra to the energy of gratitude. The more gratitude in your body the more you are creating through grace, through the Divine. Don’t ever underestimate this energy, for gratitude is the energy of attraction. The more gratitude the more of what you want you will attract, the more your will be in Divine, the more you will be swimming down stream the easier and easier that you will find life. Just allow this energy of gratitude to purify and cleanse your 2nd chakra, allowing for the merging of the masculine and feminine, allowing for the deepest love… Allow this feeling to flow into your ancestors, into your ancestors’ deepest pain… Cleansing, purifying and re-aligning your body, setting the cells in the structure in your body in the form of the dodecahedron, the true structure of a human being. Your body will understand this, the dodecahedrons forming the shape of the flower of life. Just allow your bodies to remember, remember, remember, remember, remember. Let it remember Christ consciousness. Let it remember who you are. Let yourselves remember who you are. For Dear Ones, this game is almost over, the game beyond or behind the veil is almost over, you will begin to recognize your divinity and understand your divinity.
Dear Ones, you are the ‘I AM, you are one’ and in this state of consciousness just allow yourself to connect to your magical child, that is the aspect of you that is coming back, very last of all. Just allow yourself to receive guidance from this magical child, receive the love, the honouring and the respect for the journey that you have been on.

Now the last of all the energies, the energy of the base chakra, the elixir of life, this is what life is all about, letting go. Like a tree lets go of its leaves in autumn, when something no longer serves you let it go. Let go of the clinging, let go of the tension, let go of the stress, allow the base chakra to clear, connect to Mother Earth, let your roots go deeper, deeper, deeper, into the safety and absolute security of Mother Earth, coming to that state of oneness, that state of beingness – Mother Earth. Just allow yourselves to be exactly who you are. Allow the seven energies, the seven magical healing energies of Kryon to flow through your whole body, just flowing, flowing, flowing, going and flowing wherever it wants to go, wherever it needs to go let it go. Let it wash away the darkness let it wash away those dark hard places. Let it release the shame, the hurt, the energies that lie behind all human suffering. Let the love flow, the love of letting go, for there is nothing more beautiful on this earth than to let go. Just let go, just feel what it feels like to be free, to let go, to let go, to let go… For Dear Ones, in this energy you are free, you are free, embrace the freedom, feel the freedom, feel what your next action is, feel what you really want to do with your life… and do it, just do it…

Dear Ones this is Kryon of Magnetic Service signing out. Go well and God Bless. Thank you.

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